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    I need help.  The 1st son is a matter of needing new titles.  He is an outdoor man, a hunter, a wildlife man.  He likes things like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings.  He has read the series of My Side of the Mt. and is now lost?  any book suggestions, oh he’s 11yrs

    2nd son is my trouble one.  He only wants to read things that are twaddle.  He ho hums about reading anything else I suggest.  Or he just wants to read what one of his brothers just read (& not cause he’s interested but because he is my child who can’t make decisions for himself).  He likes things that are slower paced in life (not necessarily in his reading) like whittling, cooking, fishing.  Yet at a month from being 10 he’s also likes things like the 1st son Harry Potter, etc. but he also gets stuck liking little to young for his age in our opinion like Veggi Tales and little kiddy movies.  We are trying to build his self esteem up and make him step into his “young man” shoes in everyway possible including his reading.  With all that said do you have any book suggestions or otherwise?

    The 3rd son is somewhere inbetween.  He’s usually open to my suggestions and reads them without a fuss.  Everything in the end is “OK”.  He liked My Fathers Dragon and is a good reader at 8yrs reading the Little House on the Praire books and liking them, actually devouring them.  He is a builder, legos, kenex, drawing pictures, etc.  He likes Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc also.  So any books suggestions that you can think of to keep his mind working? 

    I love this site for all the suggestions I keep a folder with them in it to look back at.  I have 3 under 5 also, and not that I need idea’s for them as much but if you’ve read any good littler books for the younger ones I’d love to hear them.  One we just read that was??Twaddle maybe, but there was some good things we talked about from it, so I guess you have to make that decision is Tale of a Tail by Judit Bodnar.  Also this was a cute one about being yourself, Woolbur by Leslie Heakoski.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.  I always appreciate them. Misty

    Doug Smith

    How about Swallows and Amazons? It’s outdoorsy, approachable by younger good readers, and interesting for older readers. We’ve been recently enjoying it again as a family read-aloud.

    Also check out Incredibooks for leisure reading suggestions by and for kids and teens.


    Another series came to mind.  The Chronicles of Narnia.  I know our library has these, and my girls even devour them.  We have used them as read alouds too.  They seem comparable to Lord of the Rings, etc…

    The Hobbit is another wonderful read for boys or girls.  My 11 and 7 yr old daughters love The A to Z mysteries.  When my eldest was getting her reading legs; she couldn’t read enough of these.  She still revisits them on occasion.  These are a series, and I suppose might be twaddle to a degree; but are real life learning.  So, I dont’ know.  I just read a few through before giving them the ok.  They are based on saving a lot of animals and righting the wrongs.  Very innocent.  I avoided a couple titles like the Haunted House, The Deadly Dungeon, The Zombie Zone, and The Vampire’s Vacation; and then went back to read them.  They were comletely fine.  The titles made them sound bad, but once I read them; I found out it wasn’t as I thought.  Just to give you an example.  In the Haunted Hotel; it ends up being a person making haunted sounds and scaring away the customers so that the owner of the Hotel has to close it’s doors.  The 3 kids figure this out and save the man’s hotel. Ron Roy is the author.

    The Happy Hollisters is another older series that is wonderful.  These are mysteries too and innocent.  There are 5 siblings in this series from ages 12 on down to 4.  They work together to solve the mysteries.  The author is Jerry West.  Another series along these lines is the Boxcar Children.  Again, siblings solving mysteries.  The author is Gertrude Chandlier-Warner. 

    Some treasures we’ve come across lately are by Dick King-Smith.  Lots of animal stories.  My 11 year old dd loves these. 

    Hope this helps.  You might get ahold of Honey For a Child’s Heart or Honey for a Teen’s Heart.  These are Great Resources.  Books Children Love is another one that is a living books source; but I have read a lot of the books listed are out of print.


    In Christ, Bridget


    My son just finished The Whipping Boy by Sid Fleischman and he thoroughly enjoyed it.  The Hardy Boys books are great, too.  If your boys enjoy the fantasy genre (and it sounds like they do) then the Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander are wonderful, the first one is titled The Book of Three.  The Sword in the Tree by Clyde Robert Bulla and The Door in the Wall by Marguerite De Angeli are two more family favorites.  Also A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle is especially good.  Okay, that’s all I can contribute off the tippy-top of my head! 

    Rachel Smile


    Hi Misty,

    My boys loved these series of books (so did DH & I) ~

    The Kingdom series by Chuck  Black & Perfect Praise Publishing

    The Terrestria Chronicles by Ed Dunlop Ministries

    The Viking Quest series by Louis Walfrid Johnson

    Blessings, Heather




    Hey Heather,

     In the Kingdom Series is there any “love” or romance in the books that you know of or can remember? My son is only 8 and loves the adventure but he isn’t into (nor do I want him to be) the romance stuff. And what age would you recommend these for?  My 8 yr. old (9yr.old this Sunday) is a great reader but it is hard sometimes to know what is appropriate or too hard.


    Karen Smith

    Shelley, your son may enjoy the Swallows and Amazons book Doug recommended. It is the story of four siblings who camp on an island for a few weeks. They have many adventures involving sailing and living on a “desert” island. The kids are respectful to adults and enjoy being together. Swallows and Amazons is the first book of a twelve book series so if he enjoys the first one there are plenty of other adventures to read.

    Misty, your sons may be interested in books by Jim Kjelgaard, William Steele, Clyde Robert Bulla (for the younger one), and Lloyd Alexander. Kjelgaard and Steele both wrote books that are outdoorsy. For just for fun books you may want to try Walter Brooks’ Freddy the Pig series and books by Dick King-Smith.



    To answer your question, the Kingdom Series are biblical allegories with discussions and comparisons to biblical themes in the back of the book. There isn’t what I would call “romance” but there is a love story throughout – of the King for his people.  Also one female character represents the gentiles in the NT and a male character represents Paul – he saves her from slavery and ends up marrying her. There is nothing mushy or inappropriate – at least in our opinion. 

    HTH, Heather


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