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    We are new to CM;  I have a 12 yr old we’ve discovered is dyslexic and that’s why we are now homeschooling.  I like the CM methods for the narration and other varied learning which I feel she will benefit from and do well with as she’s very creative.

    I have a question re. literature and ‘read aloud’.  Obviously I will be reading a lot of lessons to her or she will use audio, due to dyslexia;  I’m thinking most of the ‘curriculum reading’ — history lessons, living books, and family read aloud I will do for her or she will listen to audio.  I am thinking she should also do a ‘literature’ reading /audio book to narrate on her own?

    Is this correct?   I’m thinking that “Family read aloud” books are in addition to “Literature” which the child should be doing on their own and not the same thing?

    And does the child typically narrate the Family read aloud, or just discuss as a family?

    Same with independent Literature reading?  are they narrating? and again, this is different from family read aloud correct?

    And then I suppose some children read additionally for ‘fun’ and do not narrate these books…. however, for us I’m not sure that this will be ‘fun’ in the beginning or too much work!

    So I’m thinking:

    1. Family Read Aloud – which I would read to her and discusss – 7-8th grade level with listening comprehension

    2.  Independent Literature reading — which she will listen to and narrate back (this would be on her ‘age level’) – which is about 7th-8th grade comprehension from listening

    3.  ‘Fun’ reading — no narration and on her ‘reading level’ — which she would actually ‘read’ at first grade, 4 months right now

    Or should I just skip #3 and not require….

    Would love thoughts, suggestions or experience from other parents of dyslexic children….



    I have a dyslexic rising 7th grader, too.  Here’s what we do:

    I assign her history books to read (either ear or eye reading, whichever she prefers or what we have access to). I read the spine aloud to everyone.

    I read the science lesson aloud (4th, 5th, and the 7th grader are together for science).

    She will verbally narrate one or both of those a couple times per week.

    We keep a family read aloud going (this year it coordinated with our geography studies). I don’t ask for narrations beyond “where were we?”

    I encourage any fun reading and don’t require narrations for those.

    We’re using the Barton Reading and Spelling program for language arts…..It includes a story for each lesson that she’s to read and narrate.

    For grammar, we’re slowly working thru IEW’s Fix It Grammar.

    That’s it.



    <span style=”-webkit-tap-highlight-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);”>Thanks!!!  Very helpful.  Since you have a similar situation,what do you use for math?</span>

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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