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    there used to be a list of living science books by grade on thhe old free curriculum guide and I can no longer find it. Is it gone forever? Or just somewhere else.


    I snooped around for the old link to it as I know it used to be somewhere on the site, but I can’t find it either.  I did print out the list years ago and put in my homeschool binder, so I’ll just type it up for you.

    Grades 1-3

    • Outdoor Secrets & OS companion
    • Bumbleebee at Apple Tree Lane
    • Butterfly House
    • The Salamander Room
    • Among the Forest People
    • Among the Meadow People
    • Among the Night People
    • Among the Pond People
    • Burgess Birth Book for Children
    • Burgess Animal Book for Children
    • Burgess Seashore Book for Children
    • By Pond and River
    • James Herriot’s Treasury for Children
    • Any of the series – The Tale of _____ by Arthur Scott Baily
    • Any of the series – The Adventures of ______ by Thorton Burgess
    • The Child’s Book of the Seasons
    • Pond and Stream
    • Things in Our Garden

    Grades 4-6:

    • Jack’s Insects
    • Owls in the Family
    • Shark Lady: True Adventures of Eugenie Clark
    • The Children’s Life of the Bee
    • Venus Among the Fishes
    • Gentle Ben
    • A Dolphin Named Bob

    Grade 7:

    • Gale and the Gateway to Medicine
    • Along Came Galileo
    • A Piece of the Mountain: The Story of Blaise Pascal
    • Johannes Kepler: Giant of Faith and Science
    • The Geology Book
    • The Fossil Book

    Grade 8:

    • The New Way Things Work
    • The Mystery of the Periodic Table
    • Alexander Graham Bell: The Life and Times of the Man Who Invented the Telephone
    • The Story of Thomas Alva Edison
    • The Ocean of Truth: The Story of Sir Isaac Newton
    • The Astronomy Book
    • The Weather Book
    • Carry On, Mr. Bowditch

    Grade 9:

    • It Couldn’t Just Happen: Fascinating Facts about God’s World
    • Louis Pasteur: Founder of Modern Medicine
    • Paddy: A Naturalist’s Story of an Orphan Beaver

    Grade 10:

    • Crucibles: The Story of Chemistry

    Grades 11-12:


    • Six Easy Pieces

    The Human Body:

    • The Way We Work: Getting to Know the Human Body

    Wow, that is a lot of books and I hope that is what you’re after.


    Also, check out Sabbath Mood Homeschool – Nicole has posted a number of living science books too based on topic.


    Wow, thanks Melissa that was a lot of work. Exactly what I am looking for. I have looked at Sabbath Mood and like their lists, but I find SCM recommends very conservative books that I feel more comfortable with.  They seem to line up well with our philosophy.


    Thanks for typing that out!  I’m bummed that some things have seemed to change with the new format.


    Maybe….we could ask nicely and the SCM team could make the old book lists from the old curriculum guide available again somewhere on the site.

    I would venture a guess that if you searched the Bookfinder with the science tag, you would find all of the science books that used to be on the old curriculum guide.  Same thing with literature, history, etc.  I kind of doubt they removed any of those books, but they are just lumped in together with any newer recommendations.


    You are right, they are there. It is just harder to find the topic and grade you are looking for. I relied heavily on the free curriculum guide to make sure I was covering everything and to get ideas. Now it mostly just points to the SCM resources and doesnt seem to have any of the book suggestions and free ideas. I am a little sad about this although I do understand they are running a business. I wish I could buy every resource SCM offers, but my budget just doesn’t allow it, so I relied a lot on their generous free advice. I am hoping they will maybe add some of the living book suggestions back in, for folks like me who have to be selective on what we can purchase and what we have to wing with library books. Of course I am sure I will get used to the new format and wonder what I thought was so great about the old way…..


    I agree, Crystal. I liked the old format much better. Unfortunately we have to pick and choose as well, and I appreciated all the lists and just the way it was set up seemed easier to use. It would be nice if there was an option to see the old system for those of us who found it more helpful.


    If you want book lists from a thread that goes back a few years on the SCM forum, try this:

    And this one is all about living science book lists:


    Glad I was able to provide what you were looking for. 🙂

    Doug Smith

    When some of you refer to the old format, do you mean what was there last week, or the old, old charts we had a couple years ago before switching over to more of a list format?


    Just the way it was a week or two ago.


    Yes, it seems to have recently changed.


    Doug – I would prefer to see both.  I use both guides when making decisions.

    Doug Smith

    We are moving things around but just about everything is still there. If you go to the Our Curriculum menu at the top of any page and select Grades 1–12 Overview you’ll see the familiar chart that leads to the book lists.

    I’ll post later about our goals, what we’re trying to accomplish with the changes, and plans to make things easier to find.

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