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    Wanting to start soon myself! Hope you had a good wk of it! 🙂


    Wellllll…..I didn’t lose one pound the first week! I don’t blame THM, though. I blame my dadgum hormones! I’m not sleeping well at night, and that has always caused my weight to be a fierce, non-moving beast. Also, I don’t have that much to lose (about 10 pounds), so I expect it to come off slower. Last night, my in-laws wanted to celebrate my FIL’s bday by going out for pizza. I ate all the toppings off my pizza so that I wasn’t consuming the carbs, but then they put the iced cinnamon/sugar pizza out, and it was all over! LOL! And tonight, our neighbors have invited us over for dinner, so I’ll likely be off plan again. I will do my best, but she’s made peach cobbler!!!!

    I’m having difficulty figuring out THM meals for me that go well with meals I like to serve my family. S meals have been the easiest so far, but I’ve found that a simple sandwich on sprouted bread w/ lean turkey breast, and an E soup is a delicious lunch for me. 

    I have NOT enjoyed the THM desserts so far. I tried the mini chocolate cake for purists twice, and both were failures. The stevia/truvia w/ chocolate has resulted in a bitter, tasteless, dry cake rather than what they describe in the book. I’m definitely needing some chocolate ASAP!

    I wouldn’t say my first week was wildly successful, but it wasn’t a failure either. I’m definitely still learning and this learning curve feels pretty steep for me. I’m just so used to good fats with our gluten-free carbs, that separating the two is proving difficult!

    Thank you for asking…perhaps once you get started we should keep in touch. crazy4boys has some Pinterest boards going that I’m following now with some promising recipes on it. I started a THM board too. 

    Good luck!


    Oh yummy..cobbler! 🙂

    Thanks for reporting! I made my own version of muffin in a mug combining recipes and it turned out well! I also made some quick chocolate cream cheese today…I have been using stevia in the past for it is not a taste surprise for me! It is a little bitter but I am used to it..dh not so much!

    Yes, I figured I needed to start a board to so I can organize this! I am not even on pinterest so I need to find out how to do that!

    I am sure you will do well! And yes, I am going to want fats w/ my carbs too! I am hoping I can do this!

    I have juice fasted, been raw, and other healthy alternatives! But my weight won’t budge by a few pounds! I am 44 and in what I think is pre-menopause as well as hypothyroid and getting well from adrenals! is an uphill battle!!

    But I am NOT going to give up! I will probably be “dieting” till I die!! LOL!


    If you don’t mind me asking, what is THM?  I’m having a baby in a few weeks and will need to get rid of not only the baby weight but, weight I needed off before I got pregnant.  Baby weight usually isn’t too hard but, I’m quite a bit older this time.  Would love to find something doable while breastfeeding.  

    I have been following all  of the THM posts (Trim Healthy Mama, dana, there was a super long thread about very recently so you should be able to find that pretty quickly). 

    Has anyone tried THM compared to Weight Watchers? I am so desperate to make some changes… or rather, to see RESULTS. I’ve usually been more or less satisfied with my adult weight, but once I hit my late 30s, the numbers just keep inching up. I’ve always said that I care more about the way the weight is ditributed than the number on the scale…but now I’m discouaged by both of those. I think losing 15 pounds would put me back in my own personal normal range. 

    BUT I LOVE JUNK FOOD, and really DISLIKE VEGGIES! And I am an emotional eater…eat when I’m happy, eat when I’m sad, eat when I’m discouraged or stressed.

    I am encouraged by the results people share from THM (and Weight Watchers, for that matter), but I don’t know if anything is really realistic when I’m the only one who does any food prep, I’m stressed out/overwhelmed about other things, I really stink at cooking, and I just am a spoiled/picky (and emotional) eater. And not to discount the value of exercise, but in terms of seeing results (not talking about heart healthy stuff) the positive effects of exercise have also seriously decreased since my late 30s as well. 

    I went shopping Saturday for clothes and ugh…it was such a downer. I am just so discouraged. 🙁



    Thank you Mysterious.  I did Weight Watchers several years ago and had really good success with it.  I think I need something different because I do better when I have to really think through the plan.  I also love junk food and do not enjoy cooking.


    I got my THM book back on Friday after loaning it out and have loosely started.  A couple of things I would like to do…bake some real bread that is plan approved.  I have an older cookbook of theirs (and they used to have some youtube’s) where they made sourdough, but I’m not sure if they use that any longer.  

    Any THM approved bread recipes anyone?  

    Oh, and does anyone make fat free yogurt on their own?  I have a Yogourmet but I’ve only made yogurt with whole milk.  Hubby really likes Trader Joe’s fat free Greek yogurt.  I know that straining the yogurt will give me a similar result (personally, I think Greek yogurt tastes just like sour cream…blech…a whole bowl?!!!).  I much prefer regular yogurt!


    In my personal opinion, (and I have never done WW), I like THM because you always have the option to eat whole foods. I don’t know about WW since I have seen so many WW frozen meals and stuff at the store. Do you have to eat those meals? Use artificial sweeteners? Use only WW products? I honestly don’t know, but after reading THM, I know that I can continue to eat all the nourishing foods I want, as long as I don’t combine my fats and carbs. I’m definitely still learning…in fact, I have yet to get my menu set in stone for this week because I am struggling to find meals for myself that don’t combine fats and carbs. I know I’m going to roast a whole chicken with some Brussels sprouts on Wednesday as an S meal for me and add a side of brown rice for the rest of the fam, but honestly I’m not much further than that. 

    I don’t like yogurt anyway, much less Greek yogurt. I’ve been mixing Greek yogurt into smoothies and other things to disguise the taste. But me eat a bowl of yogurt with berries on top? Haha, never going to happen!

    As suspected, I totally caved and ate chicken with potatoes AND peach cobbler for dinner tonight at our neighbor’s. Oh well…he’s going to China for two months tomorrow, and this was his farewell dinner, so I wasn’t going to say no! I am putting myself on Progesterone cream as of today. I think this will help, as I have done it in the past and it really helped me. In fact, now that I think about it, the 10 pounds I’ve gained in the last eight months have come on since I quit taking Progesterone! Anyway, week 2 isn’t getting off to a great start after pizza last night and neighbor dinner tonight. BUT, I believe I have control over all the rest of this week’s meals (if I’ll hurry up and plan the menu already!).


    Lindsey, you do not have to eat the WW products or use artificial sweetners.  Everything is based on an amount of points.  Each food is worth so many points and you determine how you use them.  You can completely eat using only whole foods, if you like.  That’s a very simplified explanation.


    Has anyone noticed adverse affects to Stevia?? I tried it yesterday for the first (bought some, and am trying it instead of sugar, before I go whole-hog and buy the THM book!).  

    Anwyay.  I made cocoa – – saucepan full of milk, 1/4 c. cocoa powder, 1/2 c. sugar.  I substituted 1 T. stevia for the sugar.  That’s the ratio on my bottle of stevia.

    It had an aftertaste.  It was sweet enough, but i really didn’t care for the after taste.  Also, gasto-intestinally, things were not normal.  (I hate to be graphic in public!) 

    I drank three cups (hog, I know!) was that too much stevia? (I’ve never eaten it before).


    There are many brands of stevia, and you have to find the one you like.  I know that’s the ticket for many.  I use Stevia, and Truvia – Truvia mainly cause it’s available in the Wal-mart for ease of use.

    Lindsey I can’t believe you don’t like the desserts my family LOVES them, how about the cheesecake, pB squares, ice cream, pudding or the brownies.  What about the chunky creamcheese pops, or I have a recipe for strawberry shortcake..

    Ok the the yogurt thing is a big deal, cause that’s my go to for a lot of quick meals for me.  Greek yogurt (home made), scoop protein powder, vanilla, little truvia/stevia, and berries if I have some not frozen and I am good to go quick like.  Maybe if you find the right brand of stevia it would be better?  Or is it the texture?

    3 cups was to much.  Remember portion size is still as much an issue as what is in it.

    I got back on track last week and dropped 2lbs and 2 inches!!  I just follwed the rules and eat correctly.  This week I am taking it all back in control and doing the S,S,S, FP, FP, E, E week!  With all the guidelines.  The one thing I have going for me is that being I don’t eat red meat, or white LOL only fish, (don’t ask), I always have an excuse to bring my own food.  For times like that I like to bring a waldorf salad (E), chia tappioca pudding (or any pudding), salads, soup (if appropriate to warm), a wrap, pancakes are amazing hot or cold.  These are some quick thoughts on how to bring something.  Usually I can then add there fruit, veggies, or something to it.  I bring the dessert that way i am always a go there and no one has ever known the difference in sugar or other ingredients.  Usually they want the recipe!

    Lindsey – don’t get discouraged, it takes time.  You will find your go to recipes and will fall in love with them.  For my family Kia Si Ming & Cabbage rolls are great meals.  Cheeseburger pie is my favorite one to make if we are potlucking it!

    Todays meals – Breakfast : (S day for me) Choc. Mint Smoothie w/ coconut oil in it.  Snack – wedge of choc & cup of coffee with real raw cream (to die for), Lunch – 3 eggs loaded with butter or coconut oil (depends who makes them for me), Dinner – Harvest soup and last but not least Desert – Pudding!  Who would turn that day down?  LOL

    Let me know if I could help you lindsey at all.  Been doing it for over a year and loving it.  Also, do you have a microwave or just don’t use it?  Some things I do know don’t work without one.

    Have a great day .. sorry to write so much I just love THM!


    I found a GF grain free biscuit recipe. I made them last night and they were awful! It was made w/ coconut flour. Is it just me, or does coconut make anyone else sick! I thought I liked the taste..but I guess it was only in candy form! LOL

    I hated to waste and throw away..but throw away I did! My dh hates the taste of coconut! I guess I never thought coconut flour would taste that way! Duh!

    Anyone have a good biscuit recipe? Thx

    @karen, stevia has LOTS of fiber in it! Hence, the um..ya know…ha ha! It takes a few times for your system to get used to it! 🙂


    I’m thinking you guys know this already, but you can grow your own stevia & make your own extract.


    Misty, I would LOVE any help you can offer me! I’m thinking about doing a FP week too. I started this morning with an S breakfast of 2 eggs fried in coconut oil, topped with grated cheese, and a protein shake w/ a TBS each of PB and coconut oil. I was SO full! I finally made it to the big city yesterday and got some organic, wild caught salmon, which I plan to have for lunch on a bed of greens. Dinner tonight will be grilled sausage, sauteed veggies, and probably a side of potatoes for the family. That’s a whole S day, and I can easily repeat S tomorrow and Thursday.

    I made the THM cheesecake Sunday, and it is pretty good. I used powdered xylitol instead of truvia. I really don’t like truvia; it is so bitter. Any help/tips/advice/recipes you can offer me are MUCH APPRECIATED!

    @karen, our entire family has used stevia for years, and it has never given us bathroom woes. I’m sorry you had that experience. Maybe it was too much for your first time? 


    Grow your own stevia??? I never thought of that! Thanks for the links, houseofchaos.

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