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    I thought it was someone here that had mentioned that LOF was coming out with elementary level books. Can’t find that thread now. Anyway, I’ve been watching for it every since. 🙂 I looked over the sample pages today and wondered if anyone else had looked at it? I have already purchased Math Mammoth, 2nd grade level, and am trying to decide if I want to switch over to LOF, or just use it to supplement. We actually did not finish MM 1st grade and are currently doing math facts copy work as he still doesn’t have those down (he’s 8, 9 in Feb). MM has worked better for him than Rays, what we used before, but its still a bit of a struggle. I believe the main obstacle is his attitude toward math and think LOF may help us over that hump. I’m just trying to figure out how I would use it. If any of you have looked at the new elementary samples that just came out and considered it, I’d love to hear your thoughts.




    Hi Melissa –

    I used LOF fractions last year as a supplement and my boys LOVED it.  I plan on using the LOF elementary for my 8yr old.  My boys really enjoyed the story format.

    HTH –



    sara p.

    I just got my lof books in a couple of weeks ago (here’s the site: We had been using Saxon for three years and like your son my daughter’s attitude towards math was very negative. I showed her the lof and she was very excited and wanted to do more. It is very light on daily work so I plan to do some supplementing. However, I think this will be a refreshing book to use without so many tears from my daughter.

    Rachel White

    I looked at the sample, too. I have a young ten-yr. old doing MM who struggles in math. MM has been good for her as it is nice and repetitive, so we will continue it. However, she does do well in other “drier” subjects, like science, when the info. is presented in story form (whereas my son doesn’t require it). So I will use LoF Apples, as a supplement; I’ll see how that works before moving forward in the others. How I will incorporate it, I don’t know yet.

    I’m going to get it from the site, as I can get them individually for the best price I’ve seen.



    Just checked them out — this looks really fun!  I think I will still continue with my original plan to get the Math Mammoth for both the boys then work through the Life of Fred books with them one at a time, perhaps a little quicker with the older. My understanding is to start with Apples, that they don’t really follow a grade level.



    They are also sold here….


    Polka Dot Publishing


    Rainbow Resource


    Although, I’m confused about when to start the books.  The PDP site, which I believe is the actual author/publisher site states K-4th, but the Rainbow site states 3rd – 6th.  Does anyone have thoughts on this?



    Melissa….in WI Smile


    Well, I think from what I’ve read on the official website, k-4 is probably pretty acurate, but some children will not be ready for the pre-algebra in grade 5 or 6 even, so I can understand the reasoning on the Rainbow site. I do not see it being a stand alone program at all, however.  They appear to introduce concepts that the child is expected to be able to apply to other problems, but don’t necessarily offer a great deal of practice to master the concept.  They are also supposed to be read with the parent, not done independantly.  I think I will be doing Apples with my 7 and 10 year olds this year.  How well it is received will determine when and if I use the others.  I have not decided if I will use it with them togther or not.  My 7 year old is very interested in Math, so I am not sure I’d be able to use it with my 10 year old independantly.

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