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    Would Life of Fred be considered “fluff” or “twaddle”?

    Little Women

    That’s a hard question. The stories are certainly very twaddly.   However, the math, certainly by the time they get to Fractions and Decimals,  is definitely NOT twaddle, and the stories were what brought my kids to love the program.    I have never seen any other math program where the kids would devour the books as soon as they arrived (preview), then work their way through them, then re-read the books whenever a younger sibling got there (review)!

    In the younger years, there’s not enough to it for a full program, imho.  (If I were starting over, I would use it along with Miquon, because they are very complimentary and both have very short lessons.)

    But by about the 5th grade, Fred picks up the math instruction and it becomes one of the strongest programs I have seen, in many years of looking.    (And my dd’s math scores on the SAT show that, too. 🙂 )


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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