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    Good morning,

    We are in the process of adopting our first child, that being said, we have 5 of our own and have been down the road of child rearing but its much different when adopting a child. I would love to use laying down the rails but not sure of the age you start this? We’ve had  him since 6 days old but now he is 16m and getting into everything lol! How do you balance schooling and a busy boy? i dont want to be that mom that sticks him in front of the t.v. or a screen. He doesnt play with toys yet, would rather climb on chairs and get into all our books even though he has his own. Thanks for the help.

    Additional questions: Am I just different in thinking or is 49 to old to adopt a child of 16m?  Do woman have babies at this age anymore?



    Jeanette Anderson

    Bless your heart! What a blessing that this little boy has a place in your family ❤️. No, you are not too old😊!!! I have some very dear friends who had babies at 48 while homeschooling older children. My mom adopted a baby in her 40s after I was already married and had two children. Your energy level is probably different, but your wisdom makes up for that.

    I think Laying Down the Rails probably wouldn’t apply to one that young. It has stories and verses, so they need to be old enough to have a conversation with you. I found it helpful to rotate my children each having one on one time playing with the baby while I was doing school with the other kids. I gave each of them a half hour, hen it was the next child’s turn. They often had assigned activities to do with him, such as Legos, stories, snack, play outside on the swing. During our “circle time”, we stayed in the family room with a gate up so he could play with toys on the floor while we read etc. I had a couple of very busy ones that did let watch Signing Time or Baby Einstein for a half hour while we did history together or whatever was the subject that I needed everyone’s undistracted attention for. Hope that’s helpful! It is a challenging age when it comes to school, but if you set up a routine theysoon learn what’s expected.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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