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    I have a 9 year old who will be beginning with Song School Latin in the fall. My 5 year old son will follow along and color the free coloring page. My problem is this: After Song School Latin she is supposed to move into Latin for Children but after looking at the sample there is no way! She is already struggling with English Grammar and there is no way she could begin to conjugate verbs for another language. She has had such a hard time with Grammar Land this year that we just put it to the side and I was planning on waiting for awhile longer to try formal grammar again. I want to begin Latin but I don’t think she could handle Latin for Children Primer based on the sample I saw. What would you suggest? Some of Song School Latin will be too easy for her but Latin for Children looks too hard.


    Perhaps you should just wait until she has a better handle on English grammar. There is really no way to get any  meaningful work done in Latin without conjugating and declining, and it’s just monkey-memorization unless she is capable of understanding.  Ten is my bottom line with Latin, but I didn’t start my third son until age 11.  Song School is really more of a fun beginning supplement than a real curriculum.  You can use it if you like, but I’d skip it for now and work on other skills and  hope she’ll be ready to move on in a year or two.  The real benefits to Latin lie in the conjugating/declining, memorization and logical workout; learning a few vocab words doesn’t have much of a benefit and I never spent time on that.  Time wasted, IMO.  You’d be better off starting some simple English grammar games with her and  holding off on Latin; if English grammar is frustrating her, then Latin is sure to make her want to pull out her hair.  Better to meet her where she IS and go from there.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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