Latin or French or…?

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    First week of September, and here I am, still working out details!!

    I had decided to go with Cherrydale Press’ “Speaking French with Miss Mason and Francois” for my 7 y/o son (starting 2nd grade)… but then I got lost in the forums reading posts about foreign language study, and now I’m not so sure!

    I love the idea of starting a foreign language early, and was going to do French since we live in Canada. However, I also like the idea of studying Latin, at least a little bit, since it is the basis for many other languages and also makes up so much of the vocabulary for the fields of science, medicine, and law.

    So, which should I do first??

    And what are your recommendations for Latin curriculum? Someone suggested starting with “Getting Started with Latin”, and then moving on to “Latin in the Christian Trivium”. “Latina Christiana” also looks good, but not sure if that is appropriate for his age? Or should we keep it simple, and just study Latin roots for awhile before moving on to French?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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