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    My daughter will be in 4th grade beginning in the fall. I had previously thought that we would learn Spanish very slowly over the next few years and hit it harder in middle school. Now I am wondering about Latin instead. Any advice or opinions on which to choose or if it is important to do Latin before other languages?



    Rachel White

    Hey Amanda,

    I’m sure you’ll get differing answers on this, but I think learning Latin will improve all your choices of the Latin-Based languages in the future with your dd and even Greek, if you so choose, as Latin has Greek in it; not to mention English skills and certain future vocations using it heavily.

    My son is going into 4th, too. I spent alot of time looking at different programs. One thing that narrowed it down is that I wanted Classical, not eccelessiastical; so you’ll want to decide that. This site offered alot of comparisons for me: and Cathy Duffy reviews, too.

    Also, I haunted the Well-trained mind forum, not joining but searching through archives of old Latin curricula posts. That helped alot. I had it narrowed down to Latin for children, Matin Latin and Latin Primer. I finally decided on LfC for 2 years, then moving into Latin Alive!

    Some of my considerations in choosing was how much prep work, student led or teacher led, how much writing was in the program, how many options for learning by different sensory inputs, i.e. DVD’s and/or audio, how soon to start translating (I wanted sooner than later). I had to consider that my dd coming up behind him would be using it too, more than likely, as I do everything I can to buy only one thing for them both. Then of course, price. My son already takes Hebrew, so it needed to be something that doesn’t take alot of time; he doesn’t like writing, and LfC has the least, from what I read; he is very self-motivated and prefers to do things in his time and doesn’t like to have to wait for me before he can do something (as he does for the Hebrew), so the DVD’s will come in handy for him to watch and then do it; plus, it is written to the child; also, the audios will be reinforcing. LfC also has these little readers to go with it; even though I heard mixed reviews, I think it’s a good idea for practice translating.

    BTW, for ,my dd who is a year behind him, I am going to have her just listen to Song School Latin, without the workbook as exposure only.
    Oh yes, and I am balancing it our with ILL by Serl and Spelling Wisdom. Then when he is in LAtin Alive!, he’ll use “Our Mother Tongue”. I see no reason for an intensive grammer program when it’s in the Latin, too. Then he’ll move into Greek. But if he ever wants to learn any of the other romance languages, he will have a leg up.





    I was going to start Spanish, but didn’t have a solid plan beyond Rosetta Stone. Well, RS didn’t work for us; even my Mexican brother-in-law couldn’t satisfy its pronunciation requirements, so my 9 yo had no chance. Also, I knew I wanted to cover Latin for many reasons, so I decided that now is the time. We’ll be using Latin Prep from Galore Park. We’ll also use Spelling Wisdom and Serl’s ILL.


    Rachel White

    I forgot to offer this other source of info. I looked at:

    Paula’s Archives then click under Latin Curriculum



    Thanks so much! You all are the best!! I am gonna do some reading online today and figure out what I think will work best for us.

    Thanks again,




    For Latin, we use First Form this year; and we LOVE it.  Now, I started this with my 6th grade daughter who has been writing, reading, and spelling well for years.  She also has had some grammar instruction.  With that being said, we studied Spanish for around 2 years, and Latin has been much easier.  Latin makes so much sense, and my daughter loves the organization of First Form.  You can find this on  There are going to be 4 Forms eventually.  First Form is available, and Second Form is available, but undergoing tweaking I believe. 

    There are other Latin programs on there as well, but I haven’t used those.  First Form is new.  We bought it last summer right as it was becoming available.  It is a great language curriculum.  It is written in ecclesiastical, but has the option for classical pronunciation in the book as well.  Hope this helps.



    Betty Dickerson

    We started with Prima Latina from Memoria Press because it was soo easy to use and a pleasure for the kids.  I am Cuban by heritage and have yet to find a Spanish curriculum as user friendly as the latin. 

    Another thing to consider is to save Spanish for high school when the foreign language classes are required and then they will be old enough to do an online class or even a dual enrollment class.  This is what we are going to do, not because I planned it that way but because this is how our circumstances worked out.  And the 2 years of Latin they have had will help them with Spanish, and science, and vocabulary as well!

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