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    I’m looking at Latin for my kids next year (they will be 6th & 8th grade).  I really just want them to have a basic overview of what Latin is and how it relates to so many of our English words/phrases.  I know there are those who believe Latin is essential to a complete education.  However, I took 3 years of Latin in High School – and got good grades –  but I can honestly say I remember almost nothing for the time spent in those classes.  I have often regretted not taking a living language during high school.

    I was wondering, has anyone used ‘Latin Everywhere, Everyday’?  I ran across it on Timberdoodle.  It sounds like it is what I am looking for, but hesitant to drop the $ on the curriculum without knowing of others experience with it.  Are there other Latin programs that have similar objectives out there?

    Also, do you add a ‘living’ language (such as French or Spanish) at the same time as Latin or wait for another year or term?  I have wanted to start foreign languages with my kids for the last several years, because I know the benefit of starting early, but I just don’t know where to start.  I’m praying I’m not ‘behind’ with my 8th grader!  Any advice is appreciated.  Thank you!!!

    Here is the link to the Latin I am considering:


    It’s not exactly Latin but my mother used vocabulary from classical roots with us and really liked it.

    It didn’t link but if you copy and paste it you should end up at rainbow resource looking at vocabulary from classical roots.

    It is a study of Greek and Latin roots and words in English that use those roots.



    You might look at Memoria Press Book of Roots

    Or Roots of English, which teaches Latin and Greek roots.

    They coordinate with the LC program from Memoria Press, but they’re not dependent on it.


    Thank you ladies!  These are great suggestions & I will be looking into them to find our best fit.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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