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    I would like to add Latin next year to our day. Do you do Latin daily?

    When I google “SCM andLatin,” Getting Started with Latin seems to be the recommendation but it was an older thread. Is there a more recent recommendation on a FRUGAL yet quality Latin program?

    Thanks! (Also, this would be for my DD who will be 10 next fall. Should I add my DS8 as well or wait?)


    GSWL is about as frugal as you’re gonna get for a great Latin program, lol. I would add my 8yo but I believe in doing Latin early, I don’t think Miss. Mason recommends it that early though.


    We love GSWL and we do two lessons per week so it’s taking 2 years to get through. I plan to work through the Cambridge Latin book next year and add in the “It’s not Greek to Me” DVD from Wretched Radio (I also plan to buy the study guide). The 3 kids I have been doing this with are currently 15, 12 and 10. It’s been easy for me to learn and teach with this book. I just write out the exercises on a white board, have the boys pronounce (as best they can–no big pressure here) and translate. I printed out the pronounciation guide and glossary and put them in sheet protectors. It’s actually a fun challenge for me and we’ve all learned a lot. I think it’s been a good, gentle prep for them so that if they choose another foreign language down the road it may come more easily.


    Great! Thanks for the info. Thay helps a lot. Latin programs are so expensive!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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