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  • Mellymomma

    I used level 3 with my 3rd grader this year and he just did not retain anything from it. We have been doing the final weeks, which are review, and he doesn’t remember any of the concepts we went over.

    Just chalk it up to age, and eventually it will click? Try something new?

    Tamara Bell

    I’m not sure of the scope and sequence of Language Lessons for….however Charlotte believed children should hold of on formal grammar lessons until 4th grade.  Grammar is an abstract concept that is difficult for young minds to understand which is why so many of us had “drill and kill” in school; we had to repeat what felt like the same or similar lessons year after year after year.

    If you are looking for a different approach, I’d encourage you to look at Using Language Well and Spelling Wisdom.  These 2 combined teach grammar, punctuation, spelling, and composition.  The lessons are short (literally 5-15 minutes in the earlier years) and grow gradually taking into account the way children grow.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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