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    I posted this a last week but I didn’t get no response and hoping to get something this time.

    We like the outline of language lessons but not all the writing which is something my boys stuggle with. I am doing Hw/oTears adn can not do all the printing in this also.

    My question is is there something simular w/ less printing?



    What ages are your boys?


    Have you tried Queen’s language lessons? We love those around here! 🙂



    Don’t be afraid to adjust how you use the Language Lessons. You do not have to write out every thing it tells you to write out. I have not used a book like this for a couple of years, but very often you can get a lot out of the lesson without writing it all. We freqeuntly just did it orally, or only wrote part of it, or (gasp) skipped it entirely if I did not think it necessary for that child at that time. YOU CAN DO THIS. There are no Language Lessons police to come and write you a ticket for modifying it.

    I am going to use a similar free program with my youngest this year, since I am streamlining a little as I am needed part time to help my dh’s business this year. However, my youngest is also learning cursive. So whenever we can do the language lessons orally or with less writing, we will.

    So whatever you use, make it fit for you and don’t overload with too much writing. Only write as much as you need. Slow down and cover fewer lessons if possible. Skip the silly exercises like describing the different types of coal 🙂

    Michelle D


    My boys are almost 10, 9, 7 years..

    Bookworm, boy I think you for all your guidance and wisdom. You are always answering my ??’s and giving just what I needed to hear, be is easy to understand or sometimes more thought on my part. Thanks for your insight.

    We are using Queens’ Lang. Lessons and do like them just not the writing so I think I will go with Bookworms idea (cause we really like the format) and just not do all or even 1/2 the printing we need to stick w/ Hw/oTears for now to get it where it is easy and not a struggle.

    I love this sight.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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