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    Please tell me what your plan is from 1st-12th grade.  If you use curriculum what do you use?

    If you use your own…what do you do…how often?



    This doesn’t address grades 1-12, but I recently did a 3 part series on my blog that explained what I am doing with my first grader right now. There are some helpful links at the end of the last post.

    HTH some,



    Our plan is to read many good quality books (narrate from most), copywork until that doesn’t seem necessary anymore (currently my 13 yo uses Spelling Wisdom, SCM, Lessons from Leaders, Queens home school supply, and Cursive copywork from the same company), and Easy Grammar Plus (and Junior Analytical Grammar). He does do some written narrations, mostly from history or literature.

    My 9yo reads lots of good books, copywork, grammar (English For the Thoughtful Child and Grammarland), Spelling Wisdom after he turns 10, cursive copywork,and narration.

    My youngest is still learning to read, form letters, does a little copywork, is read to alot and will do basically what I’ve written above, but with choices I make for him. Each of my dc enjoy different styles, so I try to go with that as much as I can. For instance, Grammarland would not be enjoyed by my oldest but my middle ds loves it and will read it just for fun.

    ETA: I will probably use Epi Kardia or Jump In to help me help my dc with essay/research writing in the future. And, I have looked at Lightning Literature, as well.



    I am always wondering the same question.

    We’ve been using Queens language lessons,  and a copy work curriculum this year, and of course reading and narrating orally.

    Next year I plan to use ILL (grades 3-6), either Spelling Wisdom or Spelling Power, penmanship (cursive), and of course reading and narrating (some written).  I am then planning to use Easy Grammar plus  and Jump In in Jr. High.  And of course reading and narrating (more written).  I’ve been looking at Our Mother tounge & Lightening Lit for highschool, but am several years away from that yet.  Much will depend on which child and where I feel they are progressing in their education at the time. 


    Jen, thanks for sharing your blog posts.  I read all three.  My DD7 is a lot like yours.  She is a strong 2nd grade, close to 3rd grade reader, but in the 1st grade.  She is always asking me how to spell things, and I’ve been thinking about starting Queens spelling.  I was debating about also starting Queens Language for the Very Young, but I’m debating that as well.  It is a gentle approach to grammar, but is it necessary?  I don’t use terms like plural/singular, but we do address such things in an informal manner – when it is more than one you add an s (or other for other words) – or always using a capital letter for the name of something.  I don’t spend a lesson covering it; we just address it when she works on handwriting/copywork or when she is doing her homework for Bible study.

    I guess I just answered my own question about grammar.  Just keep doing what I’m doing.  However, I do think I want to cover some spelling.  Now, if I can just decide which curriculum I want to use!


    Rachel White

    In addition to reading excellent literature and doing oral and later, written narrations, here is what they used and what I plan on using:

    2nd-4th both-Primary Language LEssons and copywork (skipping the dictation excersices and doing most of the rest orally)

    4th and 5th both- Intermediate Language Lessons, Grammarland, copywork, dictation using Spelling Wisdom (skipping those ex. in ILL). My son I started on Seq. Spelling since he’s not a natural speller.

    It definitely doesn’t do much good to bring inmuch grammar beyond noun, verb and adjective until after age 10, IMO.

    Future plans:

    5th/6th, both – Simply Grammar and one or two semesters (4A/4B) of Meaningful Composition; Megawords for spelling for my son (will probably drop Seq. Spelling); continued dictation and copywork ; Latin

    6th/7th – Simply Grammar; Write with the Best Vol. 2; Megawords(is necessary for son), continued dictation; LAtin

    7th/8th both- Our Mother Tongue; Write with the Best Vol. 2; Megawords if necessary; dictation; Latin

    8th/9th both – Our Mother Tongue; Literary Lessons from the LotR; Dictation; Megawords if necessary; Latin

    After that, I’m looking at a couple of LA that I haven’t decided upon: either Teaching the Classics as applied to all lit., Lightening Lit. or Excellence in Lit. Also, the Epi Kardia courses for the essay and/or Research paper.


    My plan is very similar to Rachel’s, except I use Jr. Analytical Grammar in 5th, and Analytical Grammar in 6th/7th/8th (just 10 weeks ea. grade).  Though, if I didn’t already own the materials I may have used Our Mother Tongue for grammar:) 

    For Lit. Analysis, I’m leaning towards getting Teaching the Classics next year (7th and 4th graders) and starting to apply to some of our lit. readings each year rather than buying lit. guides.  I use Spelling Workout from the beg. through about Jr. Hi. (not really CM, but I like it).  For voc., I have them pick a word a day from readings that they don’t know the meaning and write it out. I keep a list and we review daily and try to make sentences out of them. We also do English From the Roots Up for voc.

    I also rec./plan to use PLL, ILL, Write With The Best, Lit. Lessons from the Lord of the Rings, and Epi Kardia in the same time frames as Rachel…and lots of essays in the h.s. years. HTH some:)  Gina

    P.S. For copywork, I’ve used Queen’s books to have it handy.

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