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    I am looking for some guidance as we make some transitions with DD grgde 2. She has been doing copywork for a number of months now, and has excellent printing and spelling. We moved from poems, etc into scripture, and she has also been doing cursive copywork. Her cursive is excellent…still needs work, but is definately ahead of where she needs to be at this point. She has a real interest in writing, and I want to add some depth to what we are doing. We are working on about 2 lessons from EFTTC a week, but in addition to that, I am looking for some thoughts on what we can bring into our day to really allow her to blossom in the area of writing, stories, etc. Thanks for all thoughts and ideas!!


    Hi Christina,

    Here are a few ideas that can all be made age-appropriate:

    A weekly or daily journal, a story about a grandparent during the time they would have been little (along the lines of the “If You Lived When…” stories), interviews of family members, letters to family members, a family newsletter, a story about a pet, or a justification as to why she should be allowed to get a pet, she could rewrite an ending to a story she has read, or you can allow her to choose a subject to research and write a short paper on, think of a problem you have in your home and ask your daughter to write what the problem is and what a possible solution would be (and then work the solution!). I’m sure you can brainstorm many more ideas.

    Speaking of research, if you would like to bring that into it, here are a couple of fun ideas that children this age seem to really enjoy:

    At breakfast, start asking questions like, “Where did this butter come from? Where was this bread baked? Where was this table made? What kind of wood is it and where is that grown? What else is it used for? How about the tiles on the floor? Where are they from?” You can go all the way to the basement and beyond for this project and then you can start going up through the roof.

    Another idea is to have an ‘Ask a Question Day (or Night).’ You could schedule a time periodically to have your daughter ask a question-any question. Then go to the library and find the answer and have her write up her findings. Some of the questions may seem silly or random (we once spent an evening researching yaks of all things) but it is the learning to find the answers and writing that is important. It’s also a great way to get Dad involved. Plus multiple children can take turns with this and so have some special time with a parent.

    I’m so glad you asked this question! It is good to get re-enthused.




    Christina, I have a dd7 in second grade also. We have done virtually no official writing this year, either, besides copywork. She does write to her great aunt about once a month as a pen pal. I also started having her narrate Aesop’s Fables to me orally, which I write down as she speaks. It’s really helped her arrange a story in her head and in her own words. She then draws the picture for the story. This has really helped her enjoy storytelling without the mechanics of writing.

    In all of this “avoiding” writing, her skills have really blossomed! On Valentine’s Day, she told me she wanted to write her own Valentine’s Day story. She then proceeded to write a page and a half story, complete with quotation marks and pictures. I was blown away! I guess they will learn when they’re ready. I know in my heart that if I had assigned that writing, she wouldn’t have done nearly as much. (I know this because the little amount I have assigned is met with “How many sentences do I HAVE to write!” She does the bare minimum every time!) I really think the key at this age is letting them write what they want when they want. It gives them control over the writing and, most importantly, ownership.

    I hope this helps! It’s kind of rambly! Have a great night!

    Faith 🙂


    Thank you Faith and Cindy for the thoughts!! I love the ideas that you gave Cindy! Very abstract, very creative, and fun!!!! And good heart point Faith! =) This really helps with a few different areas in our schooling!



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