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  • What do you ladies think of these books? I haven’t read any of them and was wondering if any of you have read them and used them with your CM studies? I need more character-building stories for my boys to listen to. Is the language too old fashioned, or do you think little boys would be able to really get into them?


    We love Lamplighter books around here! We’ve only read a few (Little Sir Galahad, The Giant Killer and Teddy’s Button) and highly recommend them. They are wonderful “GODLY” character building stories. The language has grown on our boys since reading Teddy’s Button – which is our favorite so far. There were parts of the book that my 7 yo wanted me to keep reading over and over again. Yeah! 🙂 I would definatly consider them readaloud material -especially for younger boys. We read them together as a family with dh before bed- they bring forth lots of discussions. Also, since scripture seems to be referenced quite a bit – its great to have a Bible close by.

    You can find a variety of Lamplighter books listed for “little boys” at I have more on my shopping list for fall. 🙂

    Blessings to you!


    Thank you. 🙂 This is just what I have been looking for. My boys seem to do best when empathizing with another character or situation. We are counting down the days unitl we cut the cable off (we are ending it when August starts) and I am trying to fill the void with wholesome movies and great books. I decided that the shows they like (How It’s Made and others) can be purchased by the season on DVD anyway.

    I think Lamplighter books will fill the bill for family reading time.



    We also love Lamplighters here. Like Heather, we loved Little Sir Galahad, The Giant Killer, and Teddy’s Button. Other don’t miss ones for boys–Sir Knight of the Splendid Way (our absolute favorite!) and The White Knights (good modern application of “knightly” principles!) The Shepherd of Bethlehem was a new acquisition for us and it is proving to be a favorite as well. “The boys” also say to tell you The Hedge of Thorns was great, and also one loved Buried in the Snow (sadness warning–one of my boys really liked it but the youngest cried for an hour when the grandfather died) Also the entire Boys of Grit series was a big read-aloud hit here. We kept hearing “Just one more before we go to bed!” 🙂

    Michelle D


    These are great books! I wanted them all when I first found out about them. They are on our Christmas lists.

    I am thinking ahead to next year and trying to get an idea of what we need and want. We have to stay on budget for the first time.  We can hit up more garage sales and thrift stores in the states, but I am a little nervous.  These books seem to be pretty much the same price used, so are they worth putting in my budget? I was looking at the starter set for ages 6-11. It has 10 books.  I can also use some for gifts.  I know I will have to read many of them to him and the other kiddos, but it would carry us through more than just the year since there are other books we want to read as well.

    Some of the titles have full text available on google books.  You can use google books in order to preview particular books or to narrow your choices.  The only one we have is The Legend of the Easter Egg.  I had hoped to start a tradition of reading it aloud the week before Easter each year.  It didn’t go well though due to some of the archaic language.  I still love to look at the Lamplighter catalog and will likely purchase again, just avoiding that particular author for my family.


    Homeschool Buyers Co-op is offering a 30% discount on them right now.  I have also found quite a few of them in e-book format, for free on my Kindle.

    Hubby has a kindle, but he reads a lot and is gone a lot.  We talked about purchasing a kindle or ipad for school use.  I am waiting for him to watch the youtube video Doug made.

    Some of the books do seem to be overpriced reprints, but some have great reviews.  I am unsure of the starter set because it is half girly and my oldest 2 are boys.  i will keep thinking.

    I did see the 30% discount. That makes the starter set about $100 for 10 books, not bad at all.

    Thanks for the info on The Legend of the Easter Egg. I will keep that book and author in mind when purchasing.  Mine are young, so I am sure they would not understand a book if the language was too off from the usual.  Perhaps I should just go with some of the ones in my age range suggested here?

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