Kindle Fire HD on sale…compare different kindle screens – Doug?

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    Since purchasing the Heritage History ebooks, I’ve been looking at kindles for the kids to have their own. I have the kindle touch (the one before the paperwhite) and I have an attached e-book light I bought at Target for $10 but go through 2 AAA batteries per week with it. I thought the paperwhite would be so nice as I do a lot of my reading at bedtime. But I question if that screen is as easy on the eyes as the basic kindle. Then the Fire HD is on sale for $179 to June 8 with code DADSFIRE and I started to consider that.

    Here are my concerns on kindle fire HD or paperwhite or basic:

    1. Is the screen as easy on the eyes for reading books?

    2. Can I limit WiFi access with a password or something?

    3. Are extra features worth the extra cost – for kids?

    I do like the idea of the new kids freetime ap for the kindle fire hd so I can allow unlimited time for reading books and limited time for videos and apps.

    But are any of the games and apps worth having? Are they all twaddle? Also I don’t think the battery time is as long as the basic kindle. And I wonder how much money to spend and responsibility to give to a child to own their own kindle. $69 is a lot less than $179 but I wonder if there are any educational apps that would make it worth the extra.

    I know there have been other posts on the topic of kindles, but I have not found the answers to my questions. If anyone knows of a post, please share the link.

    I like the idea of my kids having lots of books available to them with little space and easy to carry with them, SO MY BIGGEST CONCERN is if the screen is easy on their eyes.


    Doug Smith

    The color Kindle models have a somewhat low quality screen to keep the cost down. I can’t speak much to the apps because I haven’t loaded many on mine since it’s mostly used to test e-books. But there are a lot of apps available and I’m sure there is a mix of quality.

    If your interest is mostly books then the black and white models are small, lightweight, quite durable, and inexpensive. The basic and paperwhite are both very easy on the eyes. The paperwhite just has a bit more contrast, which is nice.



    We have two Kindle fires and a basic Kindle.

    1.  The Kindle fire screen is not easy on your eyes if you read for an extended period of time.  Well, I should say it is not easy on my eyes.  I get a headache if I spend a couple of hours in the evening reading on it.

    2.  The fire has a password for the wifi.  It’s actually your wifi password.

    3.  My kids don’t use any of the apps regularly.  However, on occasion we use a bird identification app and the dictionary.  We’re not really app people, though.  We all tend to find a book as opposed to using an app.


    We have 2 Fires and a super old-school Kindle.

    I have read for hours on both and not had a problem with either.  I do like the old-style Kindle better for reading long-term, but have not gotten headaches or sore eyes from the Fire. 

    You can limit your child’s access.  I use something called Freetime so my son can only access the books & apps I have selected for him.  He cannot get to the internet in this mode.  If he wants to get out he has to come to me and have me enter my password and then he can access the internet.

    The battery life on the Fire is pretty bad.  I have to recharge at least every other day, sometimes every day.  My old Kindle holds a charge for almost a month.

    The Fire was a ‘reward’ for the one child that owns it…the others are working up to it.  He uses it to make a to-do list every day for his schoolwork and chores.  He diligently marks it off every day.  He reads his scriptures on it, does times table practice, and sometimes reads books for history or science (plus free time read).

    We do a LOT of apps at our house.  All the kids use them.  Some are pure entertainment but I also have a lot of math, early reading, science, handwriting, and foreign language apps.  The Fire is really fun for that.  The 2 younger boys were doing an online math program (for fun) on it for a while.  Sometimes they watch educational videos on it as well.

    Is it necessary for a child?  Probably not.  It is fun and flashy, but not needed.  In our family, as each of our children shows responsibility in getting their work done, going the extra mile to stay organized, and reads more than assigned and such, then they will probably get a Fire or tablet of some sort.  But I’m talking 12 years and older, and then still policed by mom.  We’re also probably going to end up with several basic Kindles for just reading books.  One thing that is important to us is that our children know how to use technology and use it responsibily.  


    Thank you. It seems it would be best to get the basic kindle for them at this time.


    Just wanted to add that I have the paperwhite, and it is very easy on the eyes.  I thought it would hurt my eyes after a while because of the back light, but it doesn’t. 

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