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    Ok. I am at a loss as to what I should do with my son for K this fall. He will be 6 in November so an older K. I plan on using FIAR. But what about math and language arts? Just curious what some of you others do for an older aged K. Thanks!


    I do like All About Reading or for a natural reader All about Spelling. I add my own copy work to AAR of words the child can read to help with both reading and handwriting.

    Math I like Rachelle’s book and along side some classical workbook like memoria press(rod and staff) or Abeka, when the child is ready.

    Keep the lessons short (you don’t have to finish the lesson or the page today!) Don’t be a slave to any curriculum…teach your child.  Slow down and make up your own extra problems…skip ahead and fly through lessons even skip a few problems if that is what your child needs. Keep lessons interesting and not too hard or easy. I use kindergarten to set some routine and work on good work habits and discipline.


    I’m using Math Lessons for a Living Education.

    For language arts I’m using one of the Queen’s Language Lessons for Little Ones (choose the appropriate level), and Master Book’s new Foundations Phonics book.

    Whatever you choose,  don’t use it every day.

    Dick Kwan

    Just logged in. New to CM. My son is 5 and finishing up our church preschool this year. He also has a November birthday and I was wondering when to officially start since he will be 6 partway through the year. What do you do for Bible? I was planning to begin next year with light things: Bible, habit training, nature notebooks, and some reading and hands on math. How soon do the other subjects begin? Thanks!


    You can add in composer study, picture study, and poetry.  They are pretty light studies if done in a CM way.  Mother Goose, A Child’s Garden of Verses (Robert Louis Stevenson) or A Child’s Book of Poems (Gyo Fujikawa) are all great poetry books for young ages.  We read a poem each day, so it only takes a minute or two.  For classical music, we often listen as we clean up after meals.  Picture study takes 5-10 minutes every other week, and I keep the current picture displayed in our living room.  Don’t feel you have to do all these subjects at once.  I think it’s best to add them in gradually.

    For Bible at that age, I just like to read through a good children’s story Bible.  We add in hymns and prayers, but that’s about it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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