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  • Im looking for some fun kindergarten science books…..LIVING books.  Anyone have any suggestions for (5-6 year olds)? 


    For books about animals, the Smithsonian Backyard and Smithsonian Oceanic books are nice.

    I found a lot of them used for a great price.


    Here are some titles both my 4 and 7 year old have enjoyed this year:

    Pale Male Citizen Hawk of New York City

    Cactus Hotel

    The Snail’s Spell

    The Hungry Hummingbird

    Siwrl by Swirl

    At the Edge of the Forest

    Butterfly House

    Salamander Room

    The Listening Walk

    Of course this isn’t a “living book” but our kids love to watch Magic School Bus episodes for a little science, too!


    I second the Smithsonian books, those are great. Also, a few weeks ago someone posted some free online animal story books, we are reading the African Animals one now and it has been enjoyed by both 4 and 7 year old


    We thoroughly enjoy Among the … People by Clara D Pierson.


    A Tree is Nice by Janice May Udry

    The Real Hole by Beverly Cleary (not so much science, but still a good story)

    The Tiny Seed and others by Eric Carle (unless they’ve outgrown them)

    The Big Snow (animals in winter)

    Gilberto and the Wind

    A Rainbow of My Own

    The Trellis and the Seed


    Owl Moon by Jane Yolen


    I agree with the Smithsonian Books and the Among the ___ People! They are wonderful. We have also read:

    James Herriot’s Treasury

    Many Books by Thornton Burgess

    Christian Liberty Nature Reader K (Has an animal for each letter of the alphabet)

    Christian Liberty Nature Reader 1

    Box Turtle at Long Pond

    My Favorite Tree

    This year we are choosing an animal every week and then going to the library to find any living books we can on that animal. We then do an experiment day on Friday using 101 great science experiments and then do a nature study from the Outdoor Hour Challenge Website.





    My son loved the Stage 2 Science Books last year. They had lots of them at our library, so we got to get a new one each time we went. Some of our favorites…

    Spinning Spiders

    Why Do Leaves Change Color

    Wiggling Worms

    How Mountains are Made

    Bonus: They were approximately at his reading level, so he practiced reading and picked up some science at the same time.


    The Hole in the Tree – Jean George

    Houses From the Sea, The Day We Saw the Sun Come Up and others by Alice E. Goudey

    The I-CAN-READ-Science series (here’s a list of them) – most are written by Millicent Selsam – These are at a beginning reading level but have lots of information in narrative style.

    Many of the I-Can-Read set are out of print. I actually have several of them for sale in my used bookshop. (I’m not recommending them because I sell them, I’m selling them because we love them! I, like many of you here, am a rescuer of books that would be destroyed otherwise and I try to find loving homes for them.) 🙂



    Of course in my “line of work” the books I know and recommend are mostly out of print, but these are fabulous:

    Books by:

    Robert McClung (I’ve had a couple of families join my library just to have access to these – some are for olders…look for titles such as Ruby Throat, Bubo, Stripe, etc.)

    Gladys Conklin (I bet I read I Caught a Lizard to my son 100 times)

    Alice Goudey ( Here Come the… series, wonderful!  And I second the Day We Saw the Sun Come Up…I love that book!))

    Millicent Selsam (she wrote for olders, too)

    The Step Up series – ____ Do the Strangest Things  (Insects, Birds, Reptiles, Fish, etc.)

    Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out – many of these are in print.  Illustrations redone but the text is the same.  These are very good for this age group written on many topics.  Ex. Germs Make Me Sick, Fireflies in the Night, How Many Teeth, Straight Hair, Curly Hair, etc.






    Check Anna’s link above to her book sale page.  She has Peeper by McClung for sale at a very good price!!  We pull this out every spring when our spring peepers wake up and start singing at our pond.  Smile  She has other great books, too.  Wish I needed some of them (but I’ll check back, Anna.)  Thanks!  I didn’t know you were there.

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