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    Bear with me here, I’m still “new” and I’m getting closer to figuring this out :).  I am going to have an older K’er this coming year (turns 6 late fall).  I am mostly doing the age-5 plan from this site, using some of our own materials (mostly b/c we already have a lot!).  I am adding in Outdoor Secrets and the companion for Science, Artistic Pursuits K-3 Book One, and am thinking about adding Beautiful Feet’s Early American History to be completed over K and 1st grades.  What do you think?  Too much, just right, better suggestion for K history?  Someone mentioned they didn’t think that they would get the SCM history guides for K.  Another person mentioned that the Little House books listed in the read-alouds could count for history, so maybe I should just leave well enough alone and not add BF?  I’m not sure!  Also, should I add anything else since he is a little older?  Thanks!


    I too have a later K’er with a birthday in late November when she’ll turn 6.  We decided to do the BFB early american series, but leave out the manual esssentially.  I’m going to read the stories, have her narrate and leave it at that. 

    We’ve also done Math-U-See Primer this year and will finish it this summer.  She’ll move to Alpha in the fall.  She absolutely loves math, so I’m encouraging it 🙂

    I’m also going to get the Apologia Astronomy and just do the reading, ask her to narrate and not do the activities until official Y1.  I know I’m not following the guidelines to a T, but we’re making it work for our family 🙂


    I think your plan sounds great. My daughter will be 6 this month. For our K year, we read the first two Little House books (we had listened to the audio version of all of them the year before and she loved them but mostly the first 3 or 4). We didn’t do anything formal for science, just read books and explored outside (put out a bird feeder we made and got to see a lot of birds we wouldn’t normally see- this was very exciting for both of us- we looked up their calls too). We also got a butterfly growing kit which was neat. We play UNO, dominoes, Sorry, and other card games a lot so not really any formal math, but I did incorporate math in when she’d help me cook. We did do a little handwriting but not everyday (simple letters to family members and other just practice). She had wanted to learn to read when she was 4 so we started Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy lessons then and took it slow with some breaks because of moving, etc. I wouldn’t have started at 4 if she didn’t want to though. I bet your son would enjoy Farmer Boy. I don’t have boys but my nephews preferred Farmer Boy over the other Little House books because they could relate more I suppose.


    We did a K year (started last August and he turned 6 in December).  Here is what worked for us.

    Math:  Rightstart Level A (still have about 15 lessons left)

    Delightful Handwriting

    Outdoor Secrets

    Bible:  Bible Study Guide for All Ages

    We read aloud Charlotte’s Web and lots of picture books.

    Lots of outside play

    Lessons took about 30 minutes most days and we will begin history this fall when he is closer to 7.  My ds is not ready to read so we have not done reading lessons yet.  Your plan sounds great and I say go for it and adjust if you need to.


    Thanks, I loved hearing from all of you!  I just typed a big long post replying to each of you and lost it!  Grr! 🙂


    Anyway, your plans/suggestions sound perfect.  Thanks for sharing and responding!

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