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    Ok so I know gone through with 5 kids and you’d think I wouldn’t ask.  But next spring I will be starting with a Kindergartener who is a girl.  She is moving much faster than my boys (which all 5 have been) did.  I don’t want to over do anything but I want to be sure she is learning also.

    Here’s what she knows: ABC’s, Counting up to 25, Colors, Shapes, can do all pre-school cheap Wal-mart workbooks, colors in the lines pretty wel

    Here’s my thoughts for next spring – start learning to read (she’s more than ready), learning to print, and listen to bible stories.

    So what are some simple things you would have around to add if she has the patience to work on it, but yet doesn’t matter if she does it 4 days a week or maybe not at all for that week.  Thanks for your thoughts. Misty


    Handwriting Without Tears.  You can just get the workbook, but there are lots of manipulatives that you can get too that makes learning to print gentle and fun.

    My son’s favorite school books have been Explode the Code and the Developing the Early Learner series.  They’re both fun to him.  ETC does involve writing, but it contributes well to the learning to read process.  Developing the Early Learner does not involve letter writing.  It’s more coloring, circling, outlining sort of things.


    I was thinking also of more tactile things like lacing, using scissors, fingerpainting, music and movement, matching and counting games, etc. My main reason for doing this with my dds in Kindergarten was to teach them to be more independent as we started doing crafts and games as a family.


    I love having some math type activities that are hands on, so:

    Three Bears math counters and cards/laminated mats (got mine through Rainbow Resource)

    Pattern blocks – we have two different wooden sets from Melissa and Doug. One uses larger shapes and wooden puzzle boards the kids put shapes into to complete the pictures. The other uses the traditional pattern block shapes and has flat wooden boards painted with designs and they can match by either laying pattern blocks directly over the design or building it on the table while just looking at the design.

    Linking cubes

    Toy clock (we have the yellow plastic ones and a wooden shape one from Melissa and Doug (that is helping us learn more exotic shapes).

    Attribute blocks.

    Puzzles of increasing difficulty!

    You get the idea. Lots of hands on things to do. And art supplies!

    Oh the other thing to play around with if she’s interested is learning colors and shapes beyond the basics. So instead of green and yellow learn gray, gold, silver, and chartreuse. Instead of square, circle, rectangle learn hexagon, octagon, trapezoid, and chevron.

    Games like Boggle Jr, Clue Jr, Monopoly Jr, Spot It, Rat a Tat Cat. Checkers, chess, Chinese checkers, Pictureka, Quirkle.

    Have fun!


    I don’t know if you wanted to do math yet or not…  But I’m doing RightStart Level A with my 4yo, and she is really enjoying it.


    We are doing a K year with my ds (6 in Dec).  We used Delightful Handwriting and loved it!  I purchased the ebook for the student and we are starting over with the letters for more practice.  Also, we use RightStart level A as well and he is learning so much.  He loves the games!  


    I really enjoyed the videos at Education Unboxed…there are lots of ideas for C-rods.  I even watched some with my DD.  If she hasn’t learned her letter sounds, the ETC primers are nice…my DD could do them on her own after I got her started.  Most of the lessons repeat, so she knew the directions after we went through the first couple letters.  The Rod and Staff preschool books have also been a huge hit with all my DC.  They have lots of cutting and pasting.  

    Lately she’s really been enjoying having some simple books she can read on her own.  We use the McGuffey readers (you can print online for free) and I just picked up MCP’s phonics readers at the library.  Bob books would also fit the bill.  She’s halfway through K and we just started these.


    Thanks everyone.  We have Learn to read in 100 lessons and it’s worked for our family so I will stick with it.  I use MUS and can do primer as we want (also have we don’t write in our books).  More art time and scissor (oh I hope she wont cut her hair – I did that when I was little)Embarassed.  Harder puzzels are a greta idea also.  Games are fun I will check out a few that I have not heard of.  Thanks

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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