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    So I am the sort of person that listens better when my hands are busy–usually knitting. So it seemed natural to me to let mt kids do soemthing with their hands while I read things to them. My odlest daughter crochets and thta works well. But for the other kids it ends up being soemthing like legos which tend to multiply and get out of control. So I guess my question is: do you think this kind of fiddling while listening is okay? Am I sabotaging the habit of full attention? And if it is okay, even sometimes, does anyone have suggestions for what the non-crocheting kids can do that isn’t disruptive?




    My kids draw while I read to them and it actually seems to help them pay attention. They don’t move around and drive me nuts as much and I can see tru the naration that they did listen.


    We draw.


    We have a variety of things that are allowed during the family sections of our day that are accomplished by me reading allowed (or, during the use of an audio book-so I can knit!). 🙂

    Some things we’ve had going on that worked out after they finish the breakfast dishes include blocks or legos on a blanket, drawing, coloring, and clay on a placemat. Playdough and it’s gadgetry hasn’t worked.

    I think you’ll know if it’s too distracting if you employ narration in the process. I can tell they are paying attention this way. And, I’ve noticed them stop what they are doing and give full attention at sad or suspenseful sections of a story.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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