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    I was looking to see how much the books from SCM will cost for next year. I noticed there is a box to put in coupon codes. Is there a certain time of year when a coupon is offered? I would be spending close to 200.00, so it would be worth it for me to wait for one if one is offered.

    I hope I am not sounding “cheap” or “forward”.



    To my knowledge they’ve never offered a coupon code (seems to me they’ve said in the past it’s because they try to keep their prices affordable all year).  The exception to this is when they release a new product – often it’s discounted a few dollars when it is first offered.  The second exception is their convention prices, which are also slightly lower – so you can save shipping as well as a couple dollars per item.

    If you won’t be going to a convention their ebooks are a great deal!

    Doug Smith

    Nicely narrated, Rebekahy. Smile

    The coupon code field is mostly there in case we need to make a special code to correct a problem with an order or something. We do try to keep our prices affordable rather than inflate them to have sales. New products are typically introduced with a special price for a couple weeks. (Hint: watch next week for one of those.)


    (Hint: watch next week for one of those.)


    Boy Doug, you are sure good at putting out Teasers!


    Thanks Doug. I agree that prices are very affordable, just was curious about the coupon code box, lol. Thanks about the heads up on something new!

    Terry TN

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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