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    I went to the retreat in Georgia and now I have questions!!  So we’ve done something different every year for 8 years, we are going into our 9th year.  Always, some or a lot of it was CM (prob not implemented the greatest) but now I’m going all in with SCM.

    1.  My kiddos are 11, 9, 7, and 4.  Which history module would you suggest we start with?  I’m guessing I’ll be told to start with the first one but personally, I would like to start with Modern Times, Epistles & Revelation because that is where we would be if I had started my oldest in the SCM history modules when he was in 1st grade.  Just need someone to tell me it’s a great idea!!

    2.  What is the best CM math curriculum for grades 6, 4, 2, and pre-K?

    That’s all for now, don’t want this to be too long (and I can’t think of anything else now that I’m exhausted).

    Thank you!!



    History:  You can pick the time period you have studied the least and have a need to learn about.  Or you can choose the time period *you* are most interested in and excited about because your children will likely pick up on your enthusiasm.  You might also consider where you will be in the future so your high schoolers each have American History and work it backwards from that.  If you use SCM history in high school, each of modules 5 & 6 gives 1/2 credit for American History and 1/2 credit for World History.  So combined for two years is one credit American and one credit World.  Yes, you can study modern times this year, if you want to!  You have the freedom to choose.  For your young children, be sure to include some American History, even if it is just around the holidays.

    Math:  I strongly suggest you use the book and DVD set sold here if you want CM methods.  They use Strayor Upton reprints available from Rainbow Resource or CBD.

    Mathematics: An Instrument for Living Teaching book and Living Math: A Guided Journey dvd by Richele Baburina.  They are both available in a bundle.

    We have also used Mathtacular dvds as a supplement for elementary grades.  It is not necessarily CM, but has good illustrations of many math concepts.  They use a variety of math manipulatives and real-life situations in each skit.


    We have used SCM for going on 8 years now. I agree, for history start with any guide you want to. I started with Early American/World because the books for the younger group (1-3rd and family) looked like so much fun and I knew my kids would really enjoy them and it was a great first year with SCM.

    As for math, if you already have a math program that works, especially for your oldest, I would likely just stick with that and if you want to switch math, maybe only switch for the youngest who are not yet as in depth in their math program. Math is sequential in how publishers teach so switching around can cause confusion and gaps because not all 6th grade math, for example, is teaching the same things. If you don’t have a math program you like, explore switching but along with that keep in mind time commitments as the teacher, some are more teacher involved which can be good except when teaching multiple levels it can become challenging at times to keep up.

    I have not used the SCM math guides and do not doubt their quality and depth, I have enjoyed all things SCM that we have used, but since we have a math program that fits for our family I decided that we would just keep going with that.

    We have used MUS since the beginning and with short lessons and hands on manipulitives it has been a great fit for my math minded kids and non math minded kids. Each go at their own pace. I also like that it is not teacher intensive which has been a benefit to me as well as I am multitasking between the kids.


    If you need more guidance for math, Ray’s For Today is somewhat CM.

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