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    Are these enjoyable? — Opinions, please!




    Yes, indeedy! We have the first volume and my 10 1/2 yodd is getting the rest of the volumes for Christmas! She just loves them! I wanted something more “challenging” than Adventures in Odyssey and these fit the bill. They are biblically and scientifically based (easy to understand however) and move at a fast pace! I don’t recommend listening to them while you drive however, there is so much info and action it makes it hard to concentrate on the road (I’d rather listen to the cd instead!)

    Each volume comes with a study guide! Imagine that! It goes a little deeper into the stories and is interesting to read.

    There are no bad words like “dumb and stupid” (you’ll hear those words in some AIO episodes) and the children are all obedient and respectful.

    Vision Fourm has a heart for Christians to be able to defend their faith and win others to the Lord…can’t beat that!


    Cindy we also bought these for our boys for christmas and was highly recommended. I still have a tape player in my vehical so we saved a bit and bought the tapes. might not be a great idea for the long run but right now it was best for us.



    Whew! Thanks so much. I asked this question too late, actually, and so I went out on a limb and ordered the first set last night so that I could take advantage of VF’s sale. So, I’m glad that others have enjoyed them.




    Oh we love the Jonathon Park series. We have all of them except for the Aquarium one (the newest one). We like the original 4 or 5 better then we like the newest ones. The zoo and aquarium ones are informational but not in a story format like the others. My children our 8,6,4,2, and one on the way in a week. And we all like listening to them. Who needs a science curriculum when you have these…my husband I have learned a lot by listening to them too.


    Love JP!!!

    We just gave our son the first volume for his 6th birthday. We’ve listened to the first story and the entire family LOVED it! We had given our 4 year old the zoo one for his birthday, and it’s a little over his head (but it was more for the entire family – although he doesn’t know that). 🙂 My husband and I enjoy them as much as the kids (if not more!!) – especially since we were in public schools and were taught evolution – even by some Christian science teachers! And he and I are so enjoying learning more and more about the Truth of Creation – which we already believed, but it’s nice to rid ourselves of the influence of so many years of evolutionary teaching and in such a fun way!

    So, I would highly recommend these – especially if you have boys! My 7 year old daughter was a little frightened by the intensity, but my 6 year old son absolutely fed off of it! 🙂

    Rachel White

    We got the aquarium for my son (8) for the first night of Hanukkah. He loves information and he enjoys this greatly! He likes the conversation style. He was excited, he said “They talk about G-d!” My daughter (7) will be receiving the zoo one in the next few nights. Over time, as I receive sale notices from VF, I plan to accumulate the remainder of the sets.

    As a side note, it’s nice to hear that I’m not the only one who has problems with the behaviors of the children on AO. The lessons from Mr. Whittaker are not enough to counteract the disrespectful and whiny atitudes of the children.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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