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     I want to share a compilation of resources I have put together. It can be used by those teaching Messianic Jewish children, interfaith children or be used by Christian families to supplement your history and religious studies education, too.

      It is mainly history resources, for all ages; additional study resources are: Hebrew, Israel, Holidays, in Media, Folk Tales and Legends, Children’s picture books, and Other, which consists of comprehensive history resources for all ages and Jewish lifestyle and values books. Also, the symbol (M) represents Messianic specific. Lastly, there are books specifically for High School and Adults, separated into Traditional/Rabbinical resources and Messianic and Hebrew Christian ones.

     I’m sorry I couldn’t figure out how to attach it, so I just pasted here in it’s entirely for you to print out. If you want me to email you a PDF, Microsoft Word or OpenDocument, just PM me your email and I will do that. It should be about 16 pages long.

     I hope this blesses and enriches you and your children’s educational journey.    G-d Bless,  Rachel

    **note-Obviously, I haven’t read/watched/listened to all of these resources and do not agree with everything in them; in an education, one doesn’t have to agree with it to study it. As with anything, parental responsibility applies here in reviewing the materials first. If you’d like to know what we’ve personally used, I can answer that for you. Also, many were available through my inter-library loan system, so be sure to try your local library system.


                               Jewish Living History and Educational Resources 


    Ancient Israel till A.D. 

      Heroes of Israel -Heritage History

      Hittite Warrior – Joanne Williamson – set 1200 BCE

      Purim and the Persian Empire: A Historical, Archeological, and Geographical PerspectiveYehuda Landy – high school/adult

      Victory on the Walls – Frieda Hyman – 445 BCE

      Jerusalem in the Time of Nehemiah – Leen Ritmeyer-ages 9+

      God King: A Story in the Days of King Hezekiah – Joanne Williamson -701 BCE

      Adara (during Elisha’s time)- Beatrice Gormley

      Tirzah (in Egypt with Moses)- Lucille Travis

      Tales and Customs of the Ancient Hebrews – Eva Harbst (ages 7-10)

      Wonders and Miracles: A Passover Companion – Eric Kimmel -ages 4-10

      Hazor: Rediscovery of a Great Citadel of the Bible – Yigael Yadin- archeology-Middle school-adult

      From Sinai to Jerusalem: The Wanderings of the Holy Ark – Leen Ritmeyer – ages 9+

      In the Footsteps of the Lost Ten Tribes – Dr. Avigdor Shachan -Devora Publishing-middle-high school

      The Hammer – Alfred J. Church – Maccabees 


    0 CE to 1800 CE

      Carta’s Illustrated Encyclopedia to the Holy Temple –Israel Ariel –

      The Ritual of the Temple in the Time of Christ – Leen Ritmeyer – ages 9+

      Yaakov Strauss Series: 538 BCE – 70 CE-ages 9+-**contains Ashkenaz Hebrew

    1. Three Special Days : A Young Boy and His Family Celebrate Pesach during the Time of the Second Temple
    2. Seven Special Weeks: A Historical Tale Detailing the Layout and Halochos of the Beit Hamikdash and the Laws of Karbanos
    3. One Special Prayer – Yom Kippur
    4. The King’s Special Loaves – weeks leading up to Shavuot

      A House of Prayer for All Nations: The Holy Temple of JerusalemRabbi Chaim Richman (Temple Institute)- ages 8+

      Jerusalem in the Year 30 AD – Leen Ritmeyer – ages 9+

      Masada: The Last Fortress- Gloria Miklowitz – ages 9+

      The Story of Masada – Yigael Yadin – ages 11+- archeology and primary documents

      Bar-Kokhba: The Rediscovery of the Legendary Hero of the Last Jewish Revolt

      Against Imperial Rome – Yigael Yadin -archeology – Middle school-adult

      Our Young Folks Josephus – Jim Hodges – audio

      The Last Days of the Fall of Jerusalem – Alfred Church

      Complete Works of Josephus – version of personal preference

      Akiva: The Story of Rabbi Akiva and His Times – Marcus Leiman – ages 9+ – 1st/2nd Cen.

      Ram Bam: The Story of Maimonides – Berel Wein- 12th/13th Cen.- gr. 2+

      Moses Maimonides:Rabbi, Philosopher, and Physician by Rebecca B. Marcus

      The Ram Bam: The Story of Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon – Yaakov Shulman –12th/13th Cen.

      The Star and the Sword – Pamela Melnikoff – 12th England- Jews Meet Robin Hood – ages 9-12

      The Itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela: Travels in the Middle Ages – Benjamin of Tudela – 12th Cen. (primary source document)

      The Travels of Benjamin of Tudela: Through Three Continents in the Twelfth CenturyUri Shulevitz – Ages 9-12

      Rashi HaKadosh: A Light After the Dark Ages- Berel Wein 12th Cen. -gr. 2+

      Rashi (Jewish Encounters)Elie Wiesel

      Legends of the Jews of Kaifeng – gr. 6+ – yr. 1100

      Mandarins, Jews, and Missionaries: The Jewish Experience in the Chinese Empire- Micheal Pollack – early Middle Ages- High School/adult

      Rashi’s Daughter: Secret Scholar – Maggie Anton – Ages 10+

      The Cohen’s of Tzefat: The 2000 Year Saga of a Jewish Family Overcoming All Odds, from Romans Legends to Arab Artillery – Miriam Zakon – Ages 9-12

      Jewish Life in the Middle Ages – Israel Abrahams – high school/adult

      The Fateful Mission – Meir Baram – 13th Cen.

      A Distant Dream – Levi Kaufman – 1290 England

      The Parnas – Meir Baram – Middle Ages

      The Jewish Kingdom of Kazar – Middle Ages

      The Exiles of Crocodile Island – Henye Meyer – 1493 – Artscroll Youth

      Secrets in the House of Delgado – Gloria Miklowitz – 1492 Spain

      More Precious then Gold: A Story of Inquisition Spain in the 1490’sEvelyn Blatt

      Out of Many Waters – Portuguese Inquisition, conversos- Jacqueline Greene- Gr. 5-8

      Pathway to Jerusalem: The Travel Letter of Rabbi Ovodiah of Bartenura – Written between 1488-1490 during his journey to the Holy Land – Yaakov Shulman (primary source document)

      Heir to the Throne – Schmuel Rothstein – 1470 Hungary 

      The Other 1492: Jewish Settlement in the New World – Norman Finkelstein –ages 11+

      Plots and Players – 15th Cen. Shakespeare and Jews-Pamela Melnikoff –ages 9-12

      The Cross by Day, The Mezuzah by Night-Spain 15th Cen. -Deborah Seigal –ages 12+

      Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean: How a Generation of Swashbuckling Jews Carved Out an Empire in the New World in Their Quest for Treasure, Religious – High school/adult

      Freedom–and Revenge – Edward Kritzler – high school/adult-middle ages

      A Boy of Old Prague – Sulamith Ish-Kishor- ages 9-12

      The Boy from Seville – Dorit Orgad – Marranoes 17th Cen. – Ages 9-12

      Rabbi Yoselman of Roshem – 16th Cen. – Marcus Leiman


      Living History Series – Marcus Leiman

        Faith and Courage: Del Monte and The Pocket Knife – 17th Cen.

        One Foot Ashore – Netherlands 17th Cen.-Jacqueline Greene

        The Adopted Princess – 17th Cen. Lithuania – Marcus Leiman- Ages 4-8

      Ruach Ami Series – Avner Gold – 17th Cen.

        The Promised Child

        The Dream

        The Year of the Sword


        The Imposter

        The Purple Ring

        Envoy from Vienna

        The Marrano Prince


      Strasbourg Saga Series – Avner Gold – Ages 8-12

        The Long Road to Freedom – Europe- 17 th Cen.

        The Scandal in Amsterdam

        The Fur Traders – Hanukkah 1684

        Midnight Intruders  

      Haym Salomon: Liberty’s Son – Shirley Milgrim- ages 9+ -American Independence

      Zayda Was a Cowboy -1892 Old West – June Nislick- ages 8-12


    1800 CE to Current Time 

      Moses Montefiore: Jewish Liberator, Imperial Hero – Abigail Green – college/adult

      Pioneer Jews: A New Life in the Far West – Harriot Rochlin – Middle/High School

      Rachel Calof’s Story: Jewish Homesteader on the Jewish Plains – autobiography-Rachel Calof – Middle-High

      We Lived There Too: In Their Own Words and Pictures Pioneer Jews and the Westward Movement of America 1630-1930 – Kenneth Libo – Ages 12+

      The Story of Chofetz Chaim – Rabbi Nossen Scherman-Artscroll Youth- Ages 9-12

      The Baal Shem Tov of Michelstadt – Rabbi Naftali Ehrman- Ages 10+

      The Jewel and the Journey – Miriam Walfish – Zionist 1800’s

      On Two Fronts – Haskalah (Enlightenment), 19th Hungary- Yirmeyahu Bindman

      A Sister in White: Schvester Selma – biography- Miriam Zarkon

      Peony: A Novel of China –Kaifeng, late 1800’s- Pearl S. Buck-High School/Adult

      How We Lived: A Documentary History of Immigrant Jews in America, 1880-1930- Irving Howe and Kenneth Libo -High School/adult

      Emma’s Poem: The Story of the Statue of Liberty – Linda Glaser – ages 4-8

      Theodore Herzl: The Road to Israel – Miriam Gurko-ages 9+

      Albert Einstein: The Jewish Man Behind the Theory – Devren Speregen- ages 10+

      All for the Boss: Stories from the Life of Rabbi Yaakov Herman, Torah Pioneer in America – New York 1900’s- Ruchoma Shain- grade 9+

      All of a Kind Family Series – Sydney Taylor – Early 20th Cen. New York – ages 9-14

      Quake! Disaster in San Francisco- 1906-Gail Karwoski

      Ruby of Cochin: An Indian Jewish Woman Remembers – Ruby Daniel – autobiography and stories of the Indian Jews- High school/adult

      Letters From Rivka – Karen Hesse – based on a true story Russian immigrant-1919/1920

      The Queen of Baas Yaakov: The Story of Dr. Judith Grunfeld – Early 20th cen.-Miriam Zakon

      Once Upon America: Jewish Stories of Here and Now- Bilma Silverman- collection of stories of the early years of Orthodox Jewish life in America-early 20th. Cen.

      Nan’s Long Journey – 20th cen. – Leah Fried-ages 8-12- Germany and Switzerland, 1930’s

      Forever My Jerusalem – 1948- Pu’ah Shtainer- Ages 12+

      The Story of Reb Yosef Chaim –Jerusalem 20th Cen. – Artscroll Youth

      Of Heroes, Hooks, and Heirlooms – Holocaust – Faye Silton- ages 8-12

      Terrible Things – Eve Bunting – Holocaust Allegory- ages 4-8

      The Winged Watchman – Holland Nazi resistance – Hilda Van Stockum-ages 10+

      Ten Thousand Children: True Stories Told by Children Who Escaped the Holocaust on the Kindertransport- Anne Fox – gr. 4-8

      Surviving Hitler: A Boy in the Nazi Death Camps – Andrea Warren – ages, for a mature 10+

      The Parnas: A Scene from the Holocaust – Silvano Arieti -1944 – part memoir – latter middle to high to adult age

      The Bielski Brothers: The True Story of Three Men Who Defied the Nazis, Built a Village in the Forest, and Saved 1,200 Jews – Peter Duffy – high school/adult

      Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler’s Shadow –Susan Bartoletti -gr. 5-8

      Far From the Place We Called Home – Kindertransport England – Sarah Schleimer- ages 12+

      The Hidden Children– Howard Greenfield-ages 8-12

      The Righteous Among the Gentiles: Rescuers of Jews During the Holocaust – Mordacai Paldiel (with Vad Yashem)-High School/Adult

      The Hiding Place – Corrie Ten Boom – ages 12+

      Escape from Warsaw – Ian Serralier – ages 12+ , 1942, based on true accounts

      Number the Stars – Denmark Nazi ResistanceLois Lowry – ages 8-12

      The Devil’s Arithmetic – Modern times and 1942 Poland- Jane Yolen- ages, for a mature 10+

      In the Mouth of the Wolf – bio, Poland WWII- Rose Zar – ages 10+

      Rescue: The Story of How Gentiles Saved Jews in the Holocaust –Milton Meltzerages 12+

      Passage to Freedom: The Sugihara Story – Jews saved to Japan- Ken Mochzuki-gr. 2-5

      Remember Not to Forget: A Memory of the Holocaust – introduction to Holocaust- Norman Finkelstein – age 6+

      Raoul Wallenburg: The Man Who Stopped Death – saved Jewish lives-Sharon Linnea-ages 9+

      Raoul Wallenberg : Swedish diplomat and humanitarian –Thomas Streissguth – gr. 7+

      Raoul Wallenburg: Rescuing Thousands From the Nazi’s Grasp – ages 9+ – Debra McArthur

      My Heart in a Suitcase – Anne Fox-Library of Holocaust Testimonies

      The Holocaust: A History of Courage and Resistance – Bea Stadtler-gr. 4-6

      The Holocaust: The World and the Jews 1933-1945 – Seymour Rossel-gr. 7-9

      Hitler’s War Against the Jews– David Altshuler – gr. 9 – adapted from Lucy Dawidowicz’s book

      Anne Frank: Life in Hiding – Johanna Hurwitz – ages 9+ 

      The Diary of Anne Frank – Anne Frank, edited by Otto Frank -ages 11+

      No Pretty Pictures: A Child of War – personal memoir, Anita Lobel – ages 10-16

      The Shadow Children – Steven Schmer – Upper Elementary

      The Endless Steppe – Esther Hautzig – Russian side of line, transported to Siberia

      The Gates of November – Chiam Potok- A True Story of a Jewish family in Soviet Russia- High School/Adult

      The Chosen – Chaim Potok – New York 1940’s-High School – High school/adult

      The Promise – Chaim Potok -sequel to The Chosen- set in 1950’s NY – high school/adult

      The Dead Sea Scrolls – Ilene Cooper – ages 9-12

      Forever My Jerusalem: A Personal Account of the Seige and Surrender of Jerusalem’s Old City in 1948 – Phuh Shteiner- ages 12+

      The Nazi Officer’s Wife: How One Woman Survived the Holocaust – Edith Hahn Beer – High School/adult

      Jerusalem Diaries and Other Stories– Miriam Zakon-Artscroll Youth-ages 9+

      Hannah Szenes: A Song of Light – Zionist – Maxine Schur

      Chava’s Story – Estelle Chasen (Soviet Union)

      Silent Revolution: Story of Rabbi Eliyahu Essas in the USSR – Miriam Zakon- ages 12+

      Our Golda: The Story of Golda Meir – David Adler – ages 9-12

      Ilan Ramon: Israel’s Space Hero – Barbera Sofer- ages 9-12

      Ilan Ramon: Jewish Star– Devra Speregen- ages 9+

      Abraham Joshua Heschel: Man of Spirit, Man of Action– Or Rose – ages 9-12

      Teddy Kollek: Builder of Jerusalem – Abraham Rabinovich-Ages 9+

      Yoni Netanyahu: Commando at Entebbe – Devra Speregen-ages 9+

      Checkpoints – Modern Israel – Marilyn Levy -ages 12+


    Children’s Picture Books 

      Hanukkah at Valley Forge – Stephen Krensky – gr. 2-4

      Treasures of Chanukah – Illustrator Greg Hildebrandt – ages 6-10

      The Yankee at the Seder – Elka Weber – gr. 2-5

      Passover Next Door – David and Betty Weinberger – (M)

      Tashlich at Turtle Rock – Susan Schnur – ages 4-8

      The Secret Shofar of Barcelona– Jacqueline Greene – ages 5-9

      Sammy Spider Series – ages 4-7

      Who is the Builder? – Grenendal Krohn-pre-k+–Feldheim Publishers

      Torah Our Treasure – Etti Goldzand-Pre K-K

      A Mezuzah on the Door – Amy Meltzer – ages 3-7

      Make Your Own Megillah: The Story of Purim (activities) – Judith Groner – ages 4-8

      The King is Born: Adonai Keeps His Promise – Wendy Cohen – (M)

      The Always Prayer Shawl – Sheldan Oberman -ages 7+

      As Good as Anybody: Martin L. King and Abraham Joshua Hershel’s Amazing March Toward Freedom – Richard Michelson – ages 6-10

      Day of Delight: A Jewish Sabbath in Ethiopia -Maxine Shur-ages 4-8

      When I Left My Village – Maxine Schur – (Ethiopian Jews leave for Israel) – ages 7-10

      The Keeping Quilt – Patricia Polacco -ages 4-8

      Modeh Ani: A Good Morning Book – Sarah Gershman – ages 2-7

      The Bedtime Sh’ma – Sarah Gershman – ages 2-7

      Thank you, God! A Jewish Child’s Book of Prayers (Shabbat) – Judith Groner- ages 3-7

      Jewish Child’s First Book of Why – Alfred Kolatch – ages 4-8

      A Child’s First Book of Jewish Holidays – Alfred Kolatch – ages 4-8

      The Shabbat Box – Lesley Simpson – preschoolers

     Latifa Berry Kropf Series, ages 2-6:

      It’s Sukkah Time!

      It’s Shofar Time!

      It’s Purim Time!

      It’s Hanukkah Time!

      It’s Seder Time!

      It’s Challah Time!

    All About…Series by Judyth Groner (T)-ages 5-10:

      Rosh Hashanah

      Yom Kippur


      Sukkot an Simchat Torah


      The Best of Ktonton – Sadie Weilerstein- ages 4-8

      Sofer: The Story of the Torah Scroll – Eric Ray – ages 4-8

      We Thank You for the Food –activity and coloring book introducing mealtime prayers-First Fruits of Zion-(T,M)

      The Illustrated Jewish Bible for Children

      The Messiah Yeshua Series for Children Vol. 1 – Rabbi Derek Lehman (M)

      The Ten Commandments for Jewish Children – Miriam Nerlove – ages 4-8



      It’s Israel’s Birthday! (Yom Haatzmaut)- Ellen Dietrick – ages 2-6

      Joshua’s Dream: A Journey to the Land of Israel – Sheila Segal – ages 4-8- Zionism/early pioneers 

      Jerusalem Sky: Stars, Crosses and Crescents – Mark Podwal – ages 4-8 -poetry form

      Let’s Discover Israel – Behrman House – gr. K-2

      Welcome To Israel – Behrman House – gr. 3-6

      Take Me to the Holy Land: A Youngster’s Tour of Eretz Yisrael (Artscroll Youth Series)-Tsivi Yanofsky-ages 9-12

      Artzeinu: An Israeli Encounter- Behrman House – gr. 5/6

      Israel: The Founding of a Modern Nation – Maida Silverman – ages 9-12

      The Story of Modern Israel – Dorothy Zeligs -ages 13-15

      A Young Person’s History of Israel – David Bamburger – gr. 6-9

      Discovering Natural Israel – Michele Strutin -children and adults




      Let’s Learn Hebrew Picture Dictionary– Passport Books/McGraw Hill-ages 6 and up

      Avi’s Coloring Book – Hebrew, Jewish symbols and holidays – (M)

      Let’s Discover the Alef Bet – Behrman House – gr. K-1

      Shalom Alef Bet – Behrman House -gr. 2-3

      Shalom Uvrachah: The New Hebrew Primer w/Interactive Cd-Rom, with or without Funbook – Behrman House – gr. 2-4

      Alef Bet Quest w/Script Writing Book, companion reader and Cd-Rom- Behrman House-Behrman House -gr. 3-4

      Shalom Ivrit 1-3: Welcome to Modern Hebrew – Behrman House – gr. 4-7

      Kol Israel 1-3: Prayers of Our People w/Interactive Cd-Rom – Behrman House –gr. 4-7 (doesn’t teach trope)

      Hineni Prayer Program-Levels 1-3-Behrman House-gr. 4-7 (Hebrew prayers only)

      The Linear Chumash – Rabbi Pesach Goldberg – Hebrew text with English translation based on Rashi’s Commentary for young people.

      A Reader’s Hebrew Bible – A. Phillip Brown II – Duo-tone leather-Zondervan (Hebrew only)


    **there are two different pronunciations, Ashkenazi and Sephardi. Modern Hebrew is supposed to be based upon the Sephardi pronunciation used in Israel. However, the resources above are modern Hebrew written by Ashkenazim Jews, so the teaching has a mixture of both rules sometmes, based upon my experience.

    Also, these are the Hebrew programs, Modern and Biblical, that I have familiarity with; this isn’t an exhaustive list.



    The New Reading Hebrew: A Guided Instruction Course – Lillian Adler-

    Behrman House

    Reading Hebrew Workbook:Practice, Drill and Review Workbook – Lillian Adler- Behrman House

    Contemporary Hebrew 1 – Menahem Mansoor

    Modern Hebrew: A First-Year Course in Conversation, Reading, and Grammar

    Harry Blumberg and Mordecai Lewittes  





    The First Hebrew Primer: The Adult Beginner’s Path to Biblical Hebrew –

    Ethelyn Simon

    The First Hebrew Primer supportive materials

    Hebrew class online with Tim Hegg at Torah Resource

    The Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels, Standard Edition – FFOZ – Hebrew and English

    JPS English-Hebrew Tanakh– Jewish Publication Society

    A Reader’s Hebrew Bible – A. Phillip Brown II – Duo-tone leather-Zondervan

    (Hebrew only)


    Folk Tales, Fairy Tales, Legends

      Stories for Children-Isaac Singer – ages 9-12

      Jewish Fairy Tales – Gerald Friedlander – ages 8+’

      The Classic Tales – Ellen Frankel

      Jewish Tales One Generation Tells Another – Penninah Schram – family, short tales for children

      One Hundred and One Jewish Read Aloud Stories – Barbera Goldin – family

      The Treasure – Uri Shulevitz – ages 4-8

      Legends of the Bible – Louis Ginzberg

      Favorite Tales of Sholom Aleichem – Sholom Aleichem



      Judaism Through Children’s Books: A Resource for Parents and TeachersEllen Musikant

      (1)Meet Our Sages – Jacob Neusner – Behrman House – gr. 6-9

      (2)Learn Mishnah – Jacob Neusner – Behrman House– gr. 6-9

      (3)Learn Talmud – Jacob Neusner – Behrman House – gr. 6-9

      The Time chart of History of Jewish History – Chartwell Books

      Introduction to Jewish History – Seymour Rossel – ages 7-9

      Journey Through Jewish History – Seymour Rossel – ages 8-10

      From Ur to Eternity Vol. 1: From Patriarchs to Spanish Inquisition Barbera Engel – Ktav Publ.- ages 10-13

      From Ur to Eternity Vol. 2: From Expulsion to Eternity – Barbera Engel – Ktav Publ. – ages 10-13

      The Fig Tree Blossoms: Messianic Judaism Emerges – Paul Liberman – ages 10+ – a primer

      The Atlas of Great Jewish Communities: A Voyage Through History -Sondra Leiman ages 9-12- primary sources, bios; 1st. Cen. Jerusalem to Modern-day Israel

      Wanderings: Chaim Potok’s History of the Jews – a narrative telling of 4,000 yrs. Of Jewish History

      The History of the Jewish People – Behrman House – gr. 5-7

        Vol. 1 Ancient Israel to 1880’s America

        Vol. 2 The Birth of Zionism to Our Time

      My People: Abba Eban’s History of the Jews

        Vol. 1 – Genesis-1776 -gr. 6-7

        Vol. 2 – 18th Cen. To Our Own – gr. 7-8

      Let’s Discover the Synagogue – Behrman House gr. K-2

      Let’s Explore Being Jewish- Behrman House – gr. K-2

      The Synagogue: House of the Jewish People – Behrman House – gr. 3-5

      Journey of a Lifetime: The Jewish life Cycle Book – Rahel Musleah/Behrman House -gr. 3-4

      Wonder of Becoming You: How a Jewish Girl Grows UpMiriam Grossman M.D.-ages 10+

      God and Women: Woman in God’s Image and Likeness (First of five-part series) Dr. John Garr – high school/adult

      A Kid’s Mensch Handbook – Scott Blementhal/Behrman House – gr. 3-4

      Pass the Torah, Please- Behrman House – gr. 4-6

      The Prophets: Speaking Out for Justice – Gila Gevirtz/ Behrman House – gr. 5-7(?)

      Shalom Secrets: A Children’s Guide – Rabbi Chaim Trainer – ages 8-12

      Let’s Say Amen! Stories for Children on the Amazing Power of Just One Word – Tamar Anesh – ages 4-10

      One Word Too Many:Stories for Kids About the Life Changing Impact of WordsElisheva Amar – ages 6/8-12  

      Loving Kindness: Stories of Chessed from Our Sages – Rabbi Ze’ev Greenwald –ages 4-8

      Pirkei Avos Illustrated Youth Edition – Artscroll – ages 8-14

      A Bridge to Our Tradition: Pirkei Avot – Nachama Skolnik Moskowitz – ages 11+ a Pirkei Avot textbook for grades 6-8. organized thematically complete copy of the text of  Pirkei Avot and a glossary included, as well as an accompanying teacher’s guide.

      My First Parsha Reader – R. Weissman -ages 4-7- 5 vol. Series

      Children’s Book of Ruth – Schmuel BlitzArtscroll ages 6-12 (Hebrew and English)

      The Artscroll Children’s Tehillim – Artscroll – ages 8-12

      The Artscroll Children’s Book of Yonah – Rabbi Tzvi Spitz  



      Let’s Discover the Holidays –Behrman House – gr. K-2

      The Children’s Book of Jewish Holidays – David Adler – Arscroll ages 5-8

      Walk With Y’shua Through the Jewish Year – Janie-Sue Werthiem – ages 6-9 (M)

      The Book of Jewish Holidays – Ruth Kozodoy – Behrman House -gr. 4-6

      The Story of Jewish Holidays and Customs – Dorothy Zeligs- ages 10-12 (?; possibly secular)

      Celebrations of the Bible: A Messianic Jewish Children’s Curriculum  


    The Yom Tov Series – Avigail Teichman:

      Captive Sultan and Other Pesach Stories (Vol. 1)

      Treasures on the Shore and Other Sukkos Stories

      A Tale of Two Wagons and Other Chanuka Stories 



      Avi’s ABC’s DVD – Hebrew, holidays and messianic references

      Shalom Sesame series

      Story of the Maccabbees – Animated Heroes Classics- Nest Entertainment

      Rashi: A Light After the Dark Ages – DVD – Berel Wein

      Ram Bam : The Story of Maimonides – DVD – Berel Wein

      Shofar (DVD)

      Israel: Birth of a NationHistory Channel- middle/High school-adult

      Israel: A Nation is Born – Abba Eban – Six-part documentary- high school/Adult

      Among the Righteous – Stories of Jews among the Arabs of N. Africa-middle/high

      The Exodus Revealed – late elementary and up

      Wallenburg: A Hero’s Story (1985) DVD -high school/adult

      Masada – (1981) -mini-series – middle-high

      The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (2008 PG-13) DVD

      A Life Apart: Hasidism in America – documentary

      The Chosen DVD – based on the Chaim Potok book

      Against All Odds- Israel Survives DVD’s

      Six Days in June- DVD-1967 War

      A Woman Called Golda – about Israeli PM Golda Meir -Ingrid Bergman

      Jewish Jewels – Rabbi Neil and Jamie Lash – TV program (T,M)

      Righteous Rhymes – Jamie Lash – 2 cd set plus coloring book (M)

      Hey, Torah Kids! Vol. 1 and Vol. 2Dr. Thomas Lancaster/ FFOZ – audio story cds (T,M,)

      Festivals of Light – Marty Goetz – cd – (T,M,CH)

      Jewish New Testament – David Stern, Jonathan Settel narrator – audio cds

      Shabbat Shalom! Jewish Children’s Songs For Sabbath At Home – Various Artists

      Good Morning, Good Night: Jewish Children’s Songs For Daytime & Bedtime – Various Artists

      Jewish Holiday Songs for Children – Rachel Buchman -cd

      Shine Little Candles: Chanukah Songs for Children – Rachel Buchman – cd

      One People, Many Jewish Stories from Around the World – cd -Jerry Stiller- traditional folk tales

      The Minstrel and the Storyteller – Penninah Schram – cd – folktales

      The Jewish Album – Jonathan Settel – traditional Chassidic, Yiddish, and Israeli music by Messianic Artist

      Various Messianic and Traditional Jewish artists 


    High School/Adult


       Buried Treasure: Hidden Wisdom from the Hebrew LanguageRabbi Daniel Lapin

      The Book of Jewish Values– Rabbi Joseph Telushkin (conservative/Modern Orthodox)

      Words that Hurt Words that Heal – R. Joseph Telushkin

      Jewish Literacy: The Most Important Things to Know about it’s People and It’s History – Joseph Telushkin

      Biblical Literacy: The Most Important People, Events, and Ideas of the Hebrew Bible –R. Joseph Telushkin

      A Code of Jewish Ethics: Vol. 1 You Shall be Holy – R. Joseph Telushkin

      A Code of Jewish Ethics: Vol. 2 Love Your Neighbor as Yourself – R. Joseph Telushkin

      Words that Hurt Words that Heal : How to Use Words Wisely Wise and WellR. Joseph Telushkin

      Hillel: If not Now, When? (Jewish Encounters) – R. Joseph Telushkin

      Rashi (Jewish Encounters) _ Elie Weisel

      Yehuda HaLevi (Jewish Encounters) – Hillel Halkin

      A History of the Jews – Paul Johnson

      The Jewish Book of Why and The Second Jewish Book of Why – Rabbi Alfred Kolatch (conservative/orthodox)

      Masters of the Talmud: Their Lives and Views – R. Alfred Kolatch(conservative/orthodox)

      The Presidents of the United States and the Jews – R. Alfred Kolatch (conservative /orthodox)

      A Handbook for the Jewish Home – R. Alfred Kolatch (covers reform/conservative/orthodox)

      The Earth is the Lord’s: The Inner World of the Jew in Eastern EuropeRabbi Abraham Heshel – setting-prior to the 20th cen.

      The Prophets – Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heshel (Chassidic spirituality)

      The Sabbath – Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heshel (Chassidic spirituality)

      God in Search of Man : A Philosophy of Judaism – Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

      Twilight of the Golden Age: Selected Poems of Abraham Ibn Ezra – Abraham Ibn Ezra

      The Oral Law of Sinai: An Illustrated History of the Mishnah – R. Berel Wein (Orthodox view)

      Vision and Valor: An Illustrated History of the Talmud – R. Wein (Orthodox view)

      Herald of Destiny: The Story of the Jews 750-1650 – Rabbi Berel Wein (orthodox)

      Echoes of Glory: The Story of the Jews in the Classical Era – R. Berel Wein (Orthodox)

      Triumph of Survival: The Story of the Jews in the Modern Era 1650-1996 – Rabbi Berel Wein (orthodox)

      Faith and Fate : The Story of the Jewish people in the twentieth century – R. Berel Wein (orthodox)

      Jews of Spain: A History of the Sephardic ExperienceJane Gerber

      Back to the Sources : Reading the Classic Jewish Texts – Edited by Barry Holtz

      Everyman’s Talmud: The Major Teaching’s of the Rabbinic Sages – Abraham Cohen – Introduction and Summary

      A Beggar in Jerusalem, A Novel – Elie Weisel – taking place after the six-day war in Israel

      To Pray as a Jew -Rabbi Hayim Donin

      To Be a Jew – R. Hayim Donin

      A Pirkei Avot… for Adult study


    Messianic and Hebrew Christian: 

      The Tri-unity of God Is Jewish – John Metzger

      The Temple: It’s Ministry and and Services – Dr. Alfred Eldersheim

      Sketches of Jewish Social Life: Updated Edition – Dr. Alfred Eldersheim  

      Bible History Old Testament: New Updated Edition – Dr. Alfred Eldersheim

      Hidden Treasures: The First Century Way of Understanding the Scriptures –Joseph Shulam (M)

      Our Hands Are Stained with Blood: The Tragic Story of the “Church and the Jewish People – Dr. Micheal Brown

      A Rose from the Ashes – Rose Price – experince in Holocaust and later becoming a follower of Yeshua

      God’s Appointed Times and God’s Appointed Customs – Rabbi Barney Kasdan

      Yeshua: A Guide to the Real Jesus and the Original Church – Dr. Ron Moseley

      Understanding the Difficult Words of Jesus– David Bivin

      New Light on the Difficult Words of Jesus – David Bivin

      The Jewish Background of the Lord’s Prayer – Brad H. Young

      The Letter Writer: Paul’s Background and Torah Perspective – Tim Hegg

      Breaking Bread: In Everything Give Thanks – Aaron Eby and Toby Janicki –FFOZ-(M)

      Maschiach Ben Yoseph – Elthanan ben Avraham

      They Loved the Torah: What Yeshua’s First Followers Really Thought About the Law – David Friedman, Ph. D.

      Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus: Vol. 1-5 -Dr. Micheal Brown

      Messianic Judaism: A Modern Movement with an Ancient Past – David Stern

      The Messianic Seal of the Jerusalem Church – Reuvan Efraim Schmaltz- archaelogical discovery 

      Tefillin: A Study of the Commandment of Tefillin – Toby Janicki – FFOZ

      Rediscovering the New Moon – Jeremiah Greenberg

      Havdallah – The Ceremony that Completes the Sabbath – Dr. Neal and Jamie Lash

      The Shofar: Ancient Sounds of the Messiah – Richard Booker

      Dedicate and Celebrate: A Messainic Jewish Guide to Hanukkah – Barry Rubin

      Traditional and Messianic Siddurim for Weekday, Shabbat and Holy Day prayers according to either Asknenazi or Sephardi custom.


     Teaching Resources: 


       Behrman House:

       Torah Aura:


      Jewish Used Books:

      The Temple Institute:

      Messianic Resources:

      Feldheim Books :

      First Fruits of Zion:

      Jewish Publication Society:




    Rachel, this is AMAZING.  Thank you so much for pulling it together and putting it all up!


    Yes, I was just going to say the same thing! Thanks, Rachel!

    Woweee! Rachel, you have been busy – what a blessing this is and what a lot of wonderful resources. This will surely be a blessing to many….thank you and bless you. Linda


    Thanks Rachel!  We’ve had a lot of success with the site Sifrutake for buying used (and new) Hebrew resources.  They are not religious but do have religion books.  Mainly we use them for getting our hands on Hebrew books and movies as we learn the language.



    Wow!  Great idea!  And I have a few of those already (but very few compared to that list! lol)  I’m going to print it out and stick it in my binder of other resources I like to keep on hand. Smile

    Rachel White

    Happy to see the excitement! I’m glad it will be useful for ya’ll. It is a labor of love, indeed. Two things I need to add:

    I should’ve included at the top that I hope that this list would be useful to Messianic gentiles (duh, like myself) who are within the movement, too. I apologize.


    Two books I forgot to add to the list for adult readers: From Time Immemorial-The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict Over Palestine by Joan Peters and Israel: A History by Sir Martin Gilbert (and other histories about the Jewish people by him as well).

    I have a printout and I just highlight them as we use them. In addition to using the holiday resources at their appropriate times, I like to coincide the use of the Holocaust materials with Yom HaShoah-Holocaust Rememberance Day and the resources of Israel’s second founding with Yom Ha’atzmaut-Israel’s Independence Day.

    Have a great day!

    Rachel so happy you added Sir Martin’s book, he is such a wonderful man and a great historian who loves his subject matter. I highly recommend all his works.


    My goodness, Rachel, I am so inpressed!  Thanks for sharing – this will make our studies so much easier!  =)

    Rachel White

    Linda, I’m glad to have another recommendation for Sir Martin. His other Diaspora history books look very interesting, too. He’s also apparently the official Winston Churchill biographer.

    Blessings everybody!


    Rachel, if you’d like to link it as a printable pdf, I’d recommend using It’s free and simple to use. Awesome list!

    Rachel White

    I’ll try to make a link-up with Thanks!


    Thank you Rachel, this is wonderful!  I appreciate your time and work that went into making this list and then freely sharing it with us. 



    This is wonderful Rachel! You are truly an inspiration! I am Thankful for all your materials.. 🙂



    Thank you so very much for the time and effort made in creating this post.

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