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    Anyone know where I could get a copy?  Sonya…any chance that SCM would possibly take on the task of re-printing these again?  That would be wonderful!  I had a set years ago, and I foolishly sold it;  I’ve been kicking myself for a couple of years now!


    You can always check HomeschoolClassifieds dot com. (I’m not sure if I can post a link here or not, so I wrote it out like that.) That’s where I found my copies of the original series and you may be able to find one now.

    Sonya Shafer

    We are in the process of arranging to republish the original series in a slightly different format that I’m quite excited about. We’ve been in communication with the Andreolas, who published the pink set, and they have graciously given us their blessing and their help.

    The project is in process; we can’t yet say when it will be done. Stay tuned. 🙂


    Ooooh!  Exciting!!  My pink sets are falling apart.




    I’m really excited about this, Sonya!  =)


    Amen and Amen, Sonya!!!  I was hoping you’d say that!  I had contacted Karen Andreola recently but she didn’t share the secret!  So excited!!!  I’m sure you’ll do a wonderful job!


    Wonderful news!


    Oh, that is amazing news! I paid more than I wanted to on EBay a few years ago (although totally worth it), and they are starting to show their age. I can’t wait to see what surprises you have in store for the new edition!


    I just purchased this edition from Amazon: Original Homeschool Series

    its all six books in one…which makes for a huge book, but it’s all I could find when I went searching! 🙂



    I have the Original Series for sale.  Please contact me at pamshens at aol dot com.  They are in excellent condition.  They come in the card stock type cover.


    Sonya, how is this project coming along?  Hopefully whenever any of us asks when something will be done, you feel loved and not pressured! ?

    Joanne Downing

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    Doug Smith

    Thanks for asking, marmiemama.

    The project is coming along nicely, and I can begin letting you forum friends in on some of the details.

    We really wanted to do this right, so we worked with the Andreolas to get the best source material they had for printing.

    However, later printings of their pink set were getting lighter in the text and losing detail as the printing plates aged. So we have restoration artists working on the original page layouts.

    You may wonder why we’re not just doing a new typesetting. Well, we believe it is important to keep the same page flow so study groups with a mix of old and new books, and scholarly references to page numbers, would still work with our edition.

    But we’re also adding some new features to every page that we think you’re going to love! Those will be a surprise for another time.

    As you can imagine, this is painstaking work. We had hoped to have the books ready now but we’re probably still at least few months out. That’s why we don’t usually give future release dates and why I didn’t give you anything too specific in that last sentence. 😉 You all know we obsess over quality, and it just takes time to get the pages to the level we desire.

    Speaking of quality, you are absolutely going to love the beautiful new cover designs. They feature the amazing photography work of Richele Baburina (check out her Instagram), whom you know from her math book and DVD that we publish. The covers are modern, yet pay homage to the pink books and the great work the Andreolas did in producing them for so many years.


    So very cool!  I’m glad I asked!  I had strayed from Charlotte Mason for the first half of this year, but it’s like having a warm cup of tea, coming back here.  So nice to be returning to this way of learning. ?

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