is MUS too simple?

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    Yes, that seems like a fairly good path to follow.  Didn’t know there was an upper elementary one!  Sweet.

    I have to confess we didn’t assign the books.  I am going to seem so hopelessly nerdy here.  I’m almost not sure if I should confess.  OK.  We did them as family time.  Family home evening, quiet nights we were bored–we all pulled it out and all did problems at our level after discussing the lesson part and played and tried to get to higher levels (anyone solving an Einstein level problem was considered, well, a genius :-))  We wanted having fun with math, thinking in different ways about math, to be a normal thing, just like poetry or music is a normal thing our family just does.  Some people might like it more than others or have it come more naturally than others, but we never wanted to hear the words “I’m just not good at math (or anything else!!!!)”


    I’ll check into those Bookworm.


    Mysterious Lady in Pink – I think coming to MUS at PreAlgebra could work.  For Makayla we needed to start at the beginning because she had done Saxon K, 1, and 2 and couldn’t really add, much less anything else.  She just wasn’t retaining it, didn’t understand why you did anything, and really needed to start over.  We even took several months off of math completely before starting MUS.  If you have a child who has done adequately in another math program I think they would transition fine without going backwards. MUS does have placement tests on their website to help figure out where to begin.

    Thanks for all the feedback. Here’s a link to the placement tests if anyone is considering this:

    I’m thinking I’ll talk to dd and see if she’s like to give it a try. I think she might be annoyed by the steps of building and talking through it. I actually was thinking Pre-Algebra because I thought maybe that’s where the manipulatives were no longer used, but they are still being used there. Hmm….

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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