Is Delightful Reading a LA program?

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    Does the DL program implement copywork/handwriting, narration, etc?  I’m trying to figure this all out since I am new to CM.  I purchase A Reason for Handwriting ‘A’ for handwriting/copywork but it uses words that he hasn’t even learned how to read that are way over his head.  I’m sure he could copy them down but I’m concerned that this book is a level ahead of where he needs to be.  I am also having the same problem with Queens Language Learning for Little Ones 3.  However, the LLFLO3 seems to be only a few lessons ahead compared to the handwriting book.  I just dont want to over do it here and if the DR program includes all this then I’d be thrilled.  Can anyone help me with this? (I posted this on a different topic but then realized it was from 2 years ago)


    I have this program and as far as I can tell it doesn’t cover narration, but it does use a Word Notebook for adding words from the lessons. That could act as copywork, but it wouldn’t be for a full sentence, but just lists of words. You could certainly use a phrase from one of the poems in the Reader or sentences that are put together for copywork.  It would be something your dc has been learning so it wouldn’t be new to him.  Depending on the age of your child may deterimine the suggestions you receive, though. 

    When my dc were younger, it was best to use a copywork page that had the word on top of a blank dotted line instead of copying from a book.  It was much easier to keep their place and focus on one word at a time.  Even if they only copied one word, but it was to their abilities, that was success.  My 7 1/2yo is using the Pathway Readers for reading practice (along with some other books) and enjoys choosing a sentence he has just read for copywork.  Sometimes he’ll choose the days of the week, or something else, but mostly it’s from his reader.  He’s old enough now to copy from the book, but I think he’d still benefit from what I described above, which I need to purchase for him asap.  I may get something from Currclick or SCM…not sure yet.

    As far as narrations, we are still using Aesop Fables, Farmer Boy (currently reading), some history, and picture study for narration practice.


    Jordan Smith

    Delightful Reading is for teaching reading, but we also have Delightful Handwriting available, which uses words and reading selections from Delightful Reading to teach handwriting.

    If your child is under six years old, you don’t need to require narrations yet. Charlotte Mason recommended that narration not be required from a child until he was six. Also, if you need some more information, the entire chapter on narration in Hearing and Reading, Telling and Writing is available for free in the sample.


    My ds wanted to learn to write his letters when he was 5.5 yo.  We used Delightful Handwriting and loved it!  He is now 6.5 yo and we do copywork each day.  About 3-6 words per day.  

    We are using Delightful Reading but we are still in the word building lessons.  As Jordan said it is just reading.

    At my ds’s age the LA is covered under narration, copywork and reading lessons.  



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