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    Hey, I am so grateful for a network of likeminded moms whose hearts beat with a passion for their children. My name is Christy and I am a travelling homeschool mom. My husband Steven is apart of a ministry that travels to different churches about every two weeks. We live in a 54 foot trailor with four beautiful children ( I am partial) :.) Grace is 8, Faith 6, Aiden 5 and Hudson is 2. It is a definite stretching time in my life, but God is teaching me so much about flexibility and patience. We have a crazy schedule since we go to church everynight. Thankfully, I have a home on wheels so I can crash anytime of the night. HA! I love CM homeschooling! God knew the exact method I would need for my family , especially for an on the road schooling. I am really looking forward to all of my questions being answered and all your combined wisdom. I look at it this way, after a few sessions on Moms Porch I should be set for homeschool life!


    HI,my husband Jason and I have 3 children, dd age 10, ds age 6, and new little dd age 4 months! We live in TN. I am looking forward to all this reading and posting and socializing. 🙂 We have been homeschooling for 4 years. I’ve learned some, but still need to learn so much more! Well, dd2 is crying for me. Let’s chat soon!

    Karen Smith

    I thought I should take the time to introduce myself since my husband didn’t tell you anything about our family. 🙂 Yes, I’m married to Doug and we have four children, sons age 17, 13, and 12, and a daughter age 15. We started our homeschool with unit studies but quickly got bogged down. Most of what we were doing was fun, but I felt that nothing was connecting together. I started to research on what else we could do. I knew I didn’t want textbooks. I found the Charlotte Mason method to be the best natural fit for our family. We started using CM with history and have grown from there. We still have room to improve and I’m looking forward to learning from everyone here.


    Hi everyone, My husband John and I have five children, ds age 13, 4 dd’s ages 8, 5, 4, and 3!! We live in WV. I have enjoyed reading and chatting on here and I think this is a wonderful thing that we can all get on here and learn from one another! Learning something new each day! We have been homeschooling for 3 years now. Using CM 2 of those. Started out using traditional methods, but got burnt out REAL quick! We love CM, and we are so thankful the Lord lead us to homeschool, and that I was lead to research CM, because it is a wonderful way to learn as a family!



    Hey, an intro section is a great idea. I am Michelle D, I live in Iowa and have three sons, almost 14, 11, and 7. We’ve been homeschooling for eight years. We’ve been using CM methods for about six of those years. It’s great to “meet” everyone!


    Hello everyone. I am Christine D. and although I don’t know Michelle D.(above entry) personally, we too, have 3 sons. Ours are 12yrs., 9yrs.(almost 10) and 7 yrs.(9inFeb.) We have been homeschooling for about 7 yrs. and using CM methods for about 5 of those years. We use a mixture of CM and unit studies, but the CM methods have been very user friendly on every level. It is natural and “rich”. My husband visited the lake district in England for work about 3 years ago, and brought back a few photos, a postcard, and a pamphlet from the CM school (which is actually down the road from where Beatrix Potter used to live) so one of my dreams is to spend some time at a B&B or hotel in England’s lake district. We are from Canada eh!


    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Becca and I have a wonderful husband of 12 years and two children. Our DD is 6 and DS is 3. We are just beginning this adventure and I’m gleaning, reading and trying to absorb as much information as I can. I started a relaxed program for DD in October but mostly want her to play, have great books read to both the kids and time spent outdoors. Looks like this is the place to be! I also signed up for the 30 day trial for the CM Organizer to see what that is all about. I’m looking forward to reading what everyone has to say and learn about the things that have or haven’t worked for you.



    My name is Chelle, and my husband, Jim, and I live with our children in northern Wisconsin. We have 10 children, and have been homeschooling for over 20 years. Our oldest daughter is married just this summer, and our second daughter is at Teen Mania’s Honor Academy this year. The kids that we have at home and range in age from 19 (commuting to college) down to 4.

    I have been using CM methods really since the beginning. The first two books that I ever read about homeschooling were For the Children’s Sake and Home Grown Kids by the Moore’s. I do also incorporate some of the philosophies of Thomas Jefferson Education. I am always growing and learning, even after all these years. I don’t have tons of time, but I’m hoping to visit this forum regularly.


    I must say that this is my favorite thread thus far; I have so enjoyed “getting to know” everyone. And applause, applause to the SCM Team!




    Hello, everyone. My name is Cheryl (as if you couldn’t already guess!) We live in Houston, Texas. We have a DD 9 and a DS 5. We started hs our DD when she was 4. I also was doing a unit study method at first, but too became bogged down with the program. Our schooling since then has been rather eclectic, but we are moving more toward the CM method. Our history, math and science “programs” are all CM based and we will strive for a total CM school when we reconvene in January. I always look forward to reading the different threads because I learn so much. Thank you all for your willingness to share, it makes a big difference whether you know it, or not!!


    Hello, All! I have enjoyed reading and getting to know you all a little bit. My name is Kim, and I am “homeschool mom to five” children – DD 11, DS 9 (and dyslexic), DD 6, DS 5, and DD 2. I am married to my most wonderful DH Stan, and we presently live in Northwest Indiana…but not for long! My husband and I are in Bible college, learning the Telugu language and preparing our family to go to Andhra Pradesh, India on a mission team from our church. The goal is to leave in January of 2009…only one more year in the cold. Very exciting…and very busy! I’m just glad that I am teaching my children myself! We are in our 4th year of hs, and after the first year of “deschooling” (a necessity after having my oldest two in school elsewhere and having them learn only to hate anything to do with school) and the next year trying to figure out exactly what to do, I have finally come to the conclusion that our family does just fine with Charlotte Mason’s way. I have used a wonderful curriculum for the past two years that actually lays it all out form me and is a structured layout of Charlotte Mason’s ideas, using living books and excellent resources. My goal this coming year is….SCHEDULE. 🙂 (Why is that such an issue and a struggle for some of us?) And now the chance to read and learn from so many of you who are far ahead of me…this is going to be good!

    In His Service,




    My name is Michelle, and I live in the northeast with my husband of 19 years and our four children. We homeschool our two youngest, 7 and 5. This is our second year homeschooling, and we have incorporated many of Charlotte Mason’s ideas into our curriculum, especially shorter lessons, narration, living books, appreciating nature, and journaling. I am so happy to have found CM (and this board!)…it has made our homeschool experiences so much more enjoyable and relaxed.

    Hi, I’m Wende, married for 17 years with two girls, 7 and 10. We have homeschooled from the beginning, and I always find myself wavering between unit studies and CM methods, depending on my mood. 🙂 We love living books, nature studies, and simple living. I’m thrilled to see this forum set up, and look forward to gleaning from y’all.

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