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    Hello All!

    I agree with everyone that this forum is a good thing! I’ve never been on ‘the ground floor’ of an endeavor – well, not true…but you know what I mean–it’s very exciting!

    Could we introduce ourselves a little? I’ll go first:

    Ahem..we are a family that loves the Lord in PA. I have a Most Wonderful Husband, and eight children. We have homeschooled for hmmm, 14 years and I still feel very new at it because each child is so unique and I come with my own set of quirks as well. Our oldest is 19, working on distance learning for college; then we have ages 17 down to 2. We somewhat ‘fell into’ Charlotte Mason’s philosophy in that I did not set out to formulate a method; it just happened. Then I started doing some research, and voila! here we are. I’ve always said that this proves that Charlotte’s methods are natural ones! God is currently having our family focus on faithfulness and I am looking forward to the day that our children are as excited about that as my husband and I are. I will look forward to hearing about other families!





    I am glad to see a message board here too, this is great! I live in Alberta, Canada. I am married to a great guy and we have three really wonderful children. One daughter 13, and two boys 10 and 7. This is our fourth year homeschooling and I really enjoy it alot. I am still trying to figure out what style we fit into, but I do use some CM methods and I like classical as well. I like the freedom that homeschooling gives us. We are also believers of Christ and everything that we do, I try to keep it Christ centered. We have had several ups and downs this year, but I think we have managed fairly well. I believe God has been showing me that I need to have more understanding to each of my children’s needs…and how we need to work on our attitudes.



    Rachel White

    I guess I should introduce myself as well. My name is Rachel and my husband and I are in Ga. with 2 children being hs. They are (boy)7 and (girl)6 1/2. She was adopted and has sensory dysfunction affecting all of her senses due to pre- and post-natal environment. We are Messianic Jews and also love our Saviour. I knew I wanted to hs when my son was 2 and researched( one of my favorite pasttimes!). CM makes the most sense to my book-loving, beauty seeking (in home and creation) spirit, however I do throw in some classical philosiphies and am attempting to combine CM concepts w/unit study projects. I have to be flexible, yet scheduled. My husband and I are both dealing w/chronic spinal conditions, so raising children who love to learn will make my life easier since they will pick up the books and learn for themselves. A schedule that balances the house duties (both mine and the children’s) and time for focused learning is one of my prayers. I am looking forward to sharing ideas and encouragement!

    Hello all, I’m Jennifer wife and mother of 4 dd is 8,ds 6,ds 5, and dd 2. Although I haven’t started hs’ing yet Iam really ready. Right now dh thinks that I need to wait until next school year that way I’m prepared. But the more that I do my homework about hs’ing the more I find that most of you just jump into it. My problem is that I want the best for my children as any parent would but I usually never finish what I start. I know that this is something that I could not take for granted. Iam a baby to this and I want to make sure that my children have the best life possible so I am going to need help from all of you with this. The styles that I am interested in at the moment are Classical,CM but I’m open to most as long as it fits with at least one of my babies personality. My goals are for my children to grow into GOD fearing,independent adults.


    My name is Faith, and my husband and I live in Bolingbrook, Illinois. I have 2 daughters, 7 and 3 1/2. We are heavily involved in our church’s worship team and AWANA program. This is our first year homeschooling; I pulled my daughter out of publice school for many reasons; mainly, to provide her with a Christian education tailored to her needs. I started out doing “school at home,” and I found that both of us became stressed out and frustrated from the work load. Since implementing CM (about a month now), we are happier, less-stressed, and learning at every turn! The flexibility is great for my 7 year old who loves to make decisions, and the loose structure is fanatastic for my very energetic 3 year old! I love that it is a Christian based philosophy–my daughter couldn’t believe that she didn’t learn about Jesus in school! I am so glad this has opened up, and I look forward to sharing ideas, strategies, tears, and laughter! 🙂


    My name is Lynnette and my husband and I live in Iowa. We have 3 children, 12yo girl, 10 yr old boy and a 7 yr old boy. We have homeschooled from the start. I was introduced to CM by my sister-in-law who graciously spent time explaining the philosophy/way of life to me. We use the CM method very heavily. I have branched out in our curriculum a bit as well. This forum is going to be a wonderful resource. I’m really looking forward to interacting with all of you. I feel as if we’re friends already. We love the Lord as well and want our children to love and serve Him daily. Can’t wait to “meet” all of you!


    Doug Smith

    I know the main topic area is “Moms’ Porch”, but this dad is going to jump in and say hello anyway. Besides, I’m saying hello on behalf of my wife too, so it’s okay. 🙂

    My name is Doug and I, along with my wife Karen, are part of the Simply Charlotte Mason team. We’re the family taking up the left half of the group photo on the about us page: (Wow, I think it’s time to update that two-year-old picture.)

    I usually lurk in the background and take care of some of the technical details that keep the SCM site running. But I just had to come out long enough to let everyone know how thrilled we are to see so many of you here already. Not only that, but you are actively helping each other and enjoying each other’s company. What a blessing. That’s the kind of thing that makes all of our hard work worth it.

    I’ll probably pop in from time to time with tips and announcements as we tweak the software. But for now, I think I hear a Web server calling my name. 🙂


    Wow! I have been very blessed reading about everyone! I have talked numerous times today about how excited I am to have found large homeschooling families!

    Okay, I am Christina, wife to Shane, and mother to 4, DD’s are 7, 5, 3, and DS is 3 months. We’re also TTC #5!! =)

    We have been exposed to HS for YEARS through our business, and have always had a heart for it,knowing we were going to HS our kids before we even had them~ I had been exposed to CM, but when you are not really in the middle of HS, it seems to go over your head, if that makes any sence. We put my DD into K, against what we thought originally, resulting in some major issues. Some physical, some spiritual. The doctor suggested to pull her out. That was 2 years ago. Now, I have spent 2 years banging my head against the wall, trying to get thorugh day by day, to the point where she was home, but not being HS…it seemed too big. I then read the CM companion, and feel like I can do this. That was all I needed, was a methos that was going to work for me…and for them! We set a schedule which still needs tweaking, but in one week, she has been growing in leaps and bounds! This morning when I got the email about the forum, I was soo blessed, and soo excited about the fellowship, ideas and encouragment on here!


    Hello all,

    I was thinking about my username and how I should have picked something like “spongelady” or something…

    I’ve been reading about CM since way before having kids… and now I just have one daughter who’s 7.5 months. Needless to say, I’m just soaking up info right now for when it will eventually matter. :):)

    Looking forward to watching this board develop! Way exciting!



    Sonya Shafer

    Hi, everybody, and welcome to the Forum. How exciting to see you all here helping and learning from each other! It’s such a blessing to see another aspect of our vision for SCM happening.

    Looks like Doug beat me to the intro, 😉 but anyway, I’m Sonya, also part of the SCM team. My family is on the right side of the photo on the About Us page (opposite Doug and Karen and their children). My husband and I homeschool our four daughters near Atlanta. We’ve been doing CM since my oldest was in first grade, and she graduates this year. (Wow!)

    Make yourselves at home here. May this forum be a place of refreshing for all of us!



    My name is Angie I am a sahm of 2 wild but wonderful ds =o), their ages are almost 4 and almost 6. I have a great dh that I have been married to for 15yrs. I just started HS (K”) back in September. I am so thankful for all that the families of SCM do and this is just another blessing they have given us.

    It’s nice to “meet” you all! Thanks for sharing about you and your families.

    Be Blessed in HIM



    Hi, my name is Susan wife to dh David of 19 years, two dd’s and 3 dgc. We have lived in MO now for two years. I currently hs my youngest who just turned 13 and goes en Pointe for the first time today. We used CM for three year but recently had to take a break from CM. Dd needed to learn to discipline herself better and(I did not know the Lord was preparing me to go back to work) I now work 34 hours a week, so I am learning to discipline myself to schedule out the homeschooling, and am slowly working us back to more real readings and copywork. DD takes 2 on-line live coarses Algebra 1 and Spanish 2. But I want to limit them to those kind of classes only. While I would love to go totally CM is is possible to use text books(ugh) in a CMish manner.

    Blessing from MO



    I am Julia. I have been married for 13 years to Greg. Our children are a 9yo Moriah, 5yo Caleb and 2yo Isaiah. (Hence, my username is MoCaIsMama.) I hope to have at least one more child, God willing.

    Similar to what CindyS said, I was chiseling out my philosophy of education and found out that CM fits me very nicely. I have homeschooled from the beginning, but this is our first year using CM. Poor Moriah has suffered through my bumbling but she said that she still prefers to homeschool over attending a traditional school. This is Caleb first year of school but we are taking it very easy.

    We are also Christian. Greg is in our church’s leadership and I am the church librarian and a Sunday School Teacher. I would like to implement CM in Sunday School and have read a few articles on that. This session ends next week and then I have a two month break. I plan on trying to use some CM techniques in the class next I teach.


    Hi to all! I’m Tonni! Married to Tracy with 3 wonderful kids, DS (21), DD (7) & DD (5). We’re from W. Tennessee. I home schooled my DS from middle school on and we used boxed curriculum, basically school at home. It was horrid. I never knew it was possible to so completely ruin a child’s love of learning, but unfortunately I did it. By God’s grace, he is now coming back around and very interested in pursuing some college courses. I stumbled upon CM quite accidentally, but the moment I read about it, I knew it was for this family!

    I am pouring through the CM series and what a remarkable difference it has made in my family. We began hs’ing the DD’s last year, but I did not begin reading CM’s actual books until this year. WOW! That’s all I can say. I find it hard to put them down. If you haven’t read her books, it should be a priority! I have found the closer I stick to her way of educating, the better my results!

    And Julia, I just resigned as our Children’s Director in our church, but had begun using CM techniques in the spring with the kids. THEY LOVED IT! Check out the scripture memorization system ( I asked the parents to read the assigned scripture once a day with the kids. You would not believe how many scriptures they have under their belts.

    I also started having “reading” time. First I read the “Young Pilgrims Progress” then kept going cause that became the kids favorite time. I even had them narrate EVERYTHING we did. I would use different forms of narration, acting it out, drawing it…whatever I could think of. I’ll miss all that, but I wanted more time with my own little ones.

    So YEAH CM and YEAH SCM! I’m glad we’re all here!


    WOW!! It has been great to read about everyone!! My name is Angie. I am 37 years old and live in Kentucky, USA. At the fall break of the current school year I pulled my two sons out of school and began homeschool for the first time. I wanted to begin at the beginning of the year but simply was not prepared yet. My sons are 13 and 10. We are strictly CM at this time and loving it! My youngest son was diagnosed with autism at the age 16 months and I worried how CM would work for him. I have to do a LOT of reading out loud to him, but I am enjoying it and learning so much myself! But God is healing him; the improvements show up in leaps and bounds! And especially just in the short time that we have been homeschooling. What a difference a lot of “one on one” makes! My other son does wonderful; I knew he would. We enjoy being together so much and the freedom we have as homeschoolers.

    My husband and I have been married for 18 years and he fully supports these homeschool endeavors. I have always been a stay-at-home mom, although I am an authorized “Fascinating Womanhood” marriage instructor.

    Thanks for this site; it is wonderful!


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