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  • Sonya Shafer

    Sheila Carroll just dropped us a note to let us know that, based on many parent requests, Living Books Curriculum has published Emma Serl’s Intermediate Language Lessons as three lay-flat-and-write-in books. Each “part” in the original book is a separate write-in text. They’re recommending Part I for grade 4; Part II for grade 5; Part III for grade 6.

    They’ve done some editing and enhancing, as well. Here is the description from the preface:

    Improvements to the 1914 edition include enhancing the quality of the photographs 

    and art prints, as well as updating and editing some text for clarity. Added resources are 

    biographies of the contributing authors and the complete poems of excerpted works. 

    Further helps include bold text when an important grammar rule or statement is taught, 

    directional words, or words to look up in a dictionary.

    If you type “Intermediate” into the search box on their site, you’ll see all three new write-in books. You can download samples on their site too.


    Thanks Sonya i just checked it out! Looks awesome! My 8yr old just finished the primary book this year and i wasnt going to use the Intermediate (even though she loved the Primary one). She didnt like not being able to write in it but loved the stories and everything else,, she will love this one though!! Thanks again billiejo

    I saw these a while ago and was very excited. Thank you for the extra information!

    Well, I just bought these books, one for my rising third, fifth, and sixth graders. I actually have the hardcover versions and the teacher’s guides, but did not know how to have three kids share the same book without fighting. So, instead of buying two more hardcovers I thought this may be even better–and portable.

    My kids are finishing up their Queen’s Language Lessons and was planning on continuing, but now I am going to do this instead and jump back in with Queen’s/Rod and Staff for HS.

    Off topic, but we used TLP ,Caddie Woodlawn, this morning to try it and it took 2 HOURS!! Yikes, I’m not sure that that is going to work at all. I am going to use the guides I bought, but am hoping things will speed up.

    I think my best LA combo will be the Intermediate LL workbook or Queen’s and my faithful DGP grammar. At least these things are short and to the point. Laughing

    Jodie Apple

    I thought only you guys could appreciate my excitement of finding my grandmother’s copy of Primary Language Lessons by Emma Serl!  I was perusing bookcases at my mom and dad’s and came across this and other school books of hers.  Our youngest daughter looked through it and said “I love this book”.  How neat for her to be able to use her great grandmother’s language book!!  Smile

    Pam H

    mj — that is totally precious!!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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