Integrating "school" with nature walks in nature notebook?

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    Thanks for all your ideas, in my question posted last week about what type of nature notebook to use. Here is an interesting follow-up question:

    Do you have your children do their “school” nature study (i.e., Outdoor Secrets Companion work, 106 days of creation, Considering God’s Creation, Apologia, etc.) in the SAME notebook that you have your kids draw/record observations for your nature walks? I.e., do you integrate the more schoolish nature study/science entries alongside and intermixed with your just-go-out-in-nature-and-record-anything-that-draws-you-in type record? Or are these separate items?

    Thanks a lot!

    Jodie Apple

    We use a separate journal for going out in nature and recording what we observe.  It’s more personal, like keeping a diary, and our children will actually go back through their nature journals and reminisce.  I don’t think they have ever gone back through their “school” type work, at least not voluntarily.  Wink


    we use the same notebook.  but, mine are so little there isn’t enough substance yet to constitute different books. 🙂 

    plus, i want them to understand that nature walks are ‘school’ (in that they are learning). i would hate for them to grow up thinking “school” was only what happened in the school room on a given day…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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