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    Some of you have mentioned having serious talks w/your kids about taking ownership for their education, how it will affect their future, etc. I’d like to have a similar talk w/dd entering Jr. Hi.  She does her work fine, doesn’t (overall) give me attitude, etc.  I’d just like to inspire her to work harder. She’s a get-it-done-as-quick-as-I-can to get on to the more fun parts of the day type of kid. Often looking for a shortcut, ‘can I skip this?’ etc. She doesn’t have the natural curiosity and memory of my youngest (though I am doing a learning style assessment soon to see if I can maybe help with that). 

    Just looking for inspirational words, stories, quotes, etc. I could share w/her about the value of diligence, hard work, learning, etc.  Thanks for any input:)  Blessings, Gina

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