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    DS5 has an October birthday so he’s still in preschool this year.  I’m not in a rush to start a curriculum and he can’t write well enough for worksheets anyway.  We do have the RightStart Math Games pack and he enjoys many of the easier games.   I’m not sure what I’m even looking for, except that I would like to continue to introduce him to math concepts because he is very interested right now.  He is constantly asking dd8 to give him math questions and was CRYING the other day that he didn’t have skip counting sets to memorize like dd8 does.  Oh Goodness.

    We currently do MUS for dd8 which works well for us because it’s not very teacher intensive.  She typically watches the video on her own and does the worksheets on her own as well, asking for help if needed.  I don’t see ds5 needing any more assistance than dd8 does as he’s already done about a third of the Primer worksheets on his own just for fun.  Also we already own the MUS levels so I’m not really looking to switch over to RS, though there are some aspects of the curriculum I think are nicer.

    I think it would be nice to have some kind of plan for working through the Math Games book to learn the facts and concepts introduced and practiced through the games.  I looked at the Activities for the AL Abacus book but the sample didn’t really seem to be what I was looking for.   Maybe it really is as simple as just play the games in order but my pg brain really needs some kind of guide to follow without needing to think about it or choose what to do each day.

    Perhaps someone here will have a brilliant idea for me or some pre-made plans they would like to share.  🙂


    Well, if you don’t want to switch to RS, and the Activities for the Al Abacus isn’t what you are looking for – I think about all you have left is just working though the games for now.


    You could check out the book Family Math to see if it might be useful.


    I like math. I think they have a book for prek.


    Also, you could use the MUS songs.


    We are finishing up RS2A and starting B level. I recently went through the math games book and wrote in the left margins beside the game numbers which lesson in each level(A and B) the game first is played. This way I can easily find the games we’ve already played, have a sense of when new games/skills are introduced, and more easily find new games to try without going beyond the skills already taught.
    Here is the list of games, by number, introduced in Level A (RS 2nd ed.) I hope this is helpful to other RS games users.
    Number Sense: N2, N4, N6, N12, N13, N14, N15, N17, N18, N22, N31, N34, N40, N43, N44
    Addition: A2, A3, A3.1, A4, A13, A14, A44
    Clocks: C2, C4, C5, C9.1, C9.2, C13.1
    Subtraction: S1
    Fractions: F2, F2.1, F3, F7


    My Father’s World has math incorporated into there K and 1st programs.  I especially like the 1st grade math. It’s laid out as a schedule that you work through and it’s almost all hands on.  The full K and 1st programs didn’t work for me, but I’ve considered looking for an older version of the 1st manuel just for the math section. I really wish someone would publish a math guide like this that covers K  – 2nd.

    Also, Ruth Beechick’s book called “The 3 R’s” has a section on how to teach math for K -3. I just wish it was laid out in a day to day plan.

    I don’t know if that helps, but it’s more ideas.  I would like to check out Family Math, also



    MEP Reception might be what you’re looking for (and it’s free!)


    My DD turned 5 in October as well.  She’s been using Saxon K this year.  Half of her lesson is a calendar activity and the rest is mostly playing with manipulatives.  It’d be so simple to come up with something similar on your own, but I like having it already planned out for me.  There is only a tiny bit of writing (some optional handwriting pages).


    Butterflylake – Thank you for that list!

    I actually ended up bying the Activities for the AL Abacus book after reading several reviews over on WTM. It IS what I was looking for. It just didn’t seem that way from their online sample.

    Aimee – Thanks for the reminder about the Beechick book. I have it in my library, it’s just so small that it tends to get lost. 😉

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