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  • Hi Everyone, Our son is 4 and we are going to be homeschooling in lieu of school. I have read about CM teaching and I like what I have read. Is there a book that I could get that would explain what is involved exactly so I can plan. Also my son seems to learn best by doing. Is this style of learning going to suit him and what kind of cost is involved. Thanks. Hugs Camille : )


    Hi, Camille! Welcome to our little group!

    It is wonderful that you are looking into methods and thinking ahead. That will be a big help to you when you start formal schooling!

    First off, don’t worry about “learning styles” ALL four-year-olds learn best by doing. It’s the nature of the age. 🙂 As you continue to study and learn, you’ll see, I think, that using Charlotte Mason’s methods will bring all parts of your son and his mind to play during schooling as you spend lots of time in nature, learn to enjoy real living books, do handicrafts, and develop his imagination.

    I would start here on this website reading “Education Is” Then I would get “A Charlotte Mason Education” by Catherine Levison. Then I would progress to reading Vol. 1 of Charlotte Mason’s Original Homeschooling Series. Along the way, don’t miss Laying Down the Rails, on habit training, here at the SCM site.

    I personally find the costs of CM educating to be much less than many other “styles” Spending time in nature is free! Many of the books we use are available online or are classics, widely available inexpensively, instead of many expensive texts. And many will be “reusable” to pass down from child to child.

    I hope this helps a little, keep asking questions. There are some tremendous ladies here.

    Michelle D



    I agree with Michelle wholeheartedly! First off, I’m so glad that you have made such a great decision so early on. The CM way is great! I’ve loved incorporating it into our homeschool.

    Second, Michelle’s suggestions were right on. I consulted every one of the resources she mentioned in her post when making my decision to use CM. This site, especially, has been a GODSEND!!! Aside from having such great information, this forum and the ladies on it, has been a wealth of information and comfort to me! Make sure you take advantage of it. I’ve been on many other sites that do not even begin to measure up to the integrity of this site!!!

    Okay, enough of my tangent–one great idea is to look up the activities suggested on this site specifically designed for preschoolers. I personally use the “tracing in rice” suggestion and my four year old loves it. It’s one of her favorite things to do. And the booklists are invaluable. Just look up an age group, and you have a ready supply of books suitable for that age.

    Regarding cost, I LOVE that CM is so cheap in price, but rich in content. Almost every book suggested can be found at your library. Some websites, including this one, provide guides at very reasonable rates. And, as Michelle stated, nature is free!

    Camille, I hope my long post didn’t lose you. I just can’t say enough about the CM way of learning and this website’s devotion to those of us out there using it.

    Many blessings,

    Faith 🙂


    Faith said: “…many other sites that do not even begin to measure up to the integrity of this site!!!”

    Along with the highly-valued wisdom and information found here on SCM, I wholeheartedly agree with Faith’s statement quoted above. There is such a strong faith-filled community here that makes one feel “at home”.

    Just wanted to throw this in. 😉

    You’ve been directed to a wonderful resource on SCM, Camille. Many (if not all) your questions on CM can be found here – just take a little time to peruse this site.

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