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    I am in need of help because I am frantically trying to pull together plans before we move.  We will be putting our house on the market next week sometime and in between cleaning closets and such, I am trying to plan as well.  It is a very stressful time right now, and I am leaning on God and others to help me get through.

    I am looking for some math book/resource for pre algebra for my 12 year old twin boys.  One has finished the last book in math u see before the pre algebra, and the other finished another spiral type of math.  I do think they could now be taught together, but I am just not sure what to use!!  I am not sure I want to use math u see.  I was looking at the ck12 flex book grade 7 series and that looks o.k.  But I would have to print everything out, which doesn’t excite me.

    What are others using.  AND onto another topic.  What are others using for Science for 7th grade.  I am in the midst of moving, getting our house ready to market so I don’t have tons of time to research.  But I could really use some suggesitons, something other than the Apologia book.  Thank you for any help!


    We recently returned to MUS for pre algebra through highschool, per my kids’ request. They used Life of Fred for a year or so.

    I think if you are busy with the move, it would simply to stick with MUS.

    For 7th grade science we are using AIG’s God’s Design for Science (green books).

    I pray the move goes well.



    Alana Adams

    Last year, we had to move into a rental home for 7 months while we repaired our tornado-damaged home.  I made some major curriculum changes in the middle of moving and all the upheaval of our lives.  I was attempting to simplify by moving to a “boxed” curriculum.  My current sales pages on Homeschool Classified’s shows the result…I’ve got lots (or sold a bunch) of “boxed” curriculum on there! =)  My advice is don’t make any major (read costly) decisions in the midst of moving.  I’m sure you already knew that, but I wish someone could have hit me over the head with that reminder last year. LOL.  If I were in your shoes right now,  I would either stay with MUS or use something that didn’t require a lot of teacher prep, even if that’s just printing the pages.  Some of my boys use Teaching Textbooks.  You can find them used fairly easily.  Although the text and answer keys are available to compliment the cd’s, ours sits on the shelf collecting dust.  As far the science, if Apologia is not an option, what about using a list of living science books and narration?  You could even add in an experiment kit, if your boys would like that.  There is a free book list on and the book recommendations here on SCM.   There are so many more, but those 2 are my favorite.  Overall, my advice is keep it simple until you’ve gotten settled and adjusted into your new home.  I, too, pray your move goes well! 


    Have you considered the Your Business Math offered by SCM? You would still need to decide on a curriculum for their ongoing math studies, but if you could use a short term math study to get you through this transition time it may be worth considering.

    Prayers for your move, and home to sell!



    If you have a computer with internet available during this time, they could use Khan Academy for free


    I knew Khan Academy has math, but just found out it has science too. That may be worth checking into.

    I am planning to use The Sciences by Holden for 6th grade, printed from Yesterday’s Classics or free to read online. It is for ages 11 to 14 and Charlotte Mason recommended it, according to AO. See old year 6. It has a little old earth in it, but not a lot. I plan to add living books to it like HA Rey’s Find the Constellations and Eric Sloane’ s Weather Book or the one by Michael Oard and Mystery of the Periodic Table. I am looking at SCM (link above from Adamsfamily) and AO living science books.

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