Improperly forming letters, still


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    Hi!  My 7 year old daughter has been having trouble with her handwriting for awhile now.  She consistently writes sloppy with her whole hand wrapped around her pencil.  (This ties right in to her personality – she’s writes and draws quickly and consequently drwas and writes sloppier than her 5 year old sister.)  I bought her some pencil grips and we are working on getting her to hold her pencil properly.  

    She also forms many of her letters incorrectly.  She starts from the bottom and goes up or from the right to the left.  She was using A Reason for Handwriting in Kindergarten.  I switched her to the SCM book for 1st grade to start over with just single letters again, but we’re still having problems.  I’m debating buying her a different book again to start over with and go through all the single letters again so that she can learn proper formation.  Any thoughts on this?  Has anyone else had this trouble?  Thanks!  🙂  -Lisa


    My 8YO DS still forms several of his letters incorrectly.  However, his handwriting is neat and legible after working on it diligently for THREE years.  I realize it’s probably not a popular opinion, but to me if his writing is legible then it is fine.


    I could be wrong about this – we switch to cursive in the fall – but from what I can tell he will still be able to connect his letters the way he writes.


    Maybe I should pay more attention to it, but I know for a fact that I don’t form many of my letters “properly”.  Everyone develops their own style over time.  If I can read what he writes (because for many years I couldn’t), then I don’t worry about it.


    For proper print formation, the Handwriting Without Tears books are unparalleled in my opinion. However, I teach cursive from the beginning using Cursive First or Pencil Pete for formation. I would encourage a short break, reevaluate, then start over slowly with proper technique and formation.


    Thanks ladies!  Yes, I do agree that everyone develops their own style.  That’s a good point.  It’s partly just her personality that causes her to write so sloppily.  She’s an in-a-hurry kind of kid.  Her 5 year old sister (2 years younger) writes better than her.  Another thing I thought of was an ipad app.  She is now using an app that has her using her finger to “write” her letters in the proper form (which is also a great kinesthetic way for her to do things).  It won’t let her do it any other way but the proper form.  This is helpful for me, having 5 kids and not being able to watch her all the time.  She thinks of it as a game, so she enjoys getting in some extra practice this way.  

    Thanks again!  😉  -Lisa

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