I really wish we could see the whole schedule…

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  • Mommy2Five

    Hi all! I really like the scheduler except for one thing…how do I know if all of my books actually “fit” into the year? How can I see “when” we “should be” starting a certain book? I wish I could see the whole schedule online in some sort of spreadsheet fashion…even if it might change each week.

    Are there any other homeschooling schedulers I could use that would work that way?

    Thanks! I just feel like I am working in the blind not knowing. How do I know if we could even finish a book within a school year? Ya know?

    Rachel White

    If you plan out your year and terms or whatever you call them, in advance on paper, you should be able to “see” how many sections you are going to use in a book and how long it will take. Using Sonya’s planning schedule step by step will address exactly what you are looking for. Did you receive them thorugh your email? If not they can be found on the web-site. If you need an example just let us know. You don’t need anything fancy to come up w/what your needing. You can do it. I’m visual, too so I understand what you’re asking. I’m sure others will have helpful things to add to this as well.



    Hi Rachel, and thanks. Ok, I will work on that planning schedule. I briefly looked at it.

    Yes, please, the more input for me the better! 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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