How to set up Elementary Arithmetic Math notebook?

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    I set up a math notebook with my Elementary Arithmetic Book 1 student, but I had trouble figuring out the directions in the textbook. I spent the year feeling it was a little hodgepodge.

    Now I am using Book 2 to with another student, and I don’t see any directions in the textbook. Any suggestions on how best to lay out the notebook? I would like to start out the year with a plan, so we can keep things organized!


    Richele Baburina

    Hi! We try to give instruction for the notebook only where absolutely necessary, e.g., such as keeping units in a column so everything has the proper place value when tens are introduced. Book 1 has relatively little writing so, if your child hasn’t moved on to a smaller sized grid in a new notebook and there are plenty of pages left, here’s just a few small suggestions for keeping it organized – and if it’s a new notebook, it will work, too:

    You might divide the notebook in half and keep the first half for any normal written work and the latter half for writing the multiplication tables. Please see p. 199 for how those tables will be written horizontally. Remember, your child will be working through times 6 in Book 2 and through times 10 or times 12 in Book 3 so you might leave space for all of them.


    If you’re beginning a new notebook as your child’s handwriting becomes more refined, you could divide the notebook into three parts: the first for everyday work and numeration, the second part for the multiplication tables, and the final part–which can be written in the very back–for the tables of weights & measures.

    Anytime a child switches to a smaller sized gridded notebook, any work that is wanted to be kept for reference and for additions can be neatly copied into the new notebook.

    I hope these suggestions help.


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