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  • Hello,

    My name is Stacy, we are new to SCM, and very excited to begin! I would like to start with the History Modul 5. My oldest daughter is very interested in the Native American tribes, crafts, and life styles. She is 9 1/2 years old. Does anyone have any ideas & specific recomendations as to how I can feed/include her interest while studying this time period? seems like it would be fairly easy…I just dont know what books/tools to use/add.

    We also have a son, almost 6, Son 4, Son 1 1/2 and one due in Sept. -incase it matters.

    I really apreciate any ideas!!

    Thank you kindly,


    blue j

    Hi Stacy,

    You can include OYO reading daily for her that would feed that interest.  Here are some living books that might help you:

    Vostaas: White Buffalo’s Story of Plains Indian Life

    The Courage of Sarah Noble

    Caddie Woodlawn (which is really at a time period around the Civil War, but focus’ on Caddie’s interaction w/ the indians and is based on a true acct of the author’s grandmother’s life.)


    Naya Nuki

    North American Indians – Douglas Gorsline

    ****** Books we haven’t read, but may fulfill your needs ******

    The World of William Penn (we haven’t read this, but I like Genevieve Foster’s books in general – this would also require that your daughter be a strong reader)

    If You Lived with the Indians of the Northwest Coast

    If you’d like some additional help you can go to the book finder and type in the specifics of what you’re after.

    Also, there is a Toob set of Powhatan Indians she might enjoy.

    I have seen a craft where the child can make their own moccasins and there are beading kits that have a Native American look.


    Thank you for that great reply!

    I am sorry to ask, what is OYO?

    She is a strong reader, we have read many books such as these, and she just cant seem to get enough! I will certianly use the books you sugested with our history! Any thoughts on how to include it, with out taking away from the American History-such as when/where to add what books/games/projects?

    Thank you again!!!


    LOL!! OYO- On Your Own Reading-got it!



    When you find your activities, look for spots in the history lineup that it will kind of match.  If it doesn’t just schedule it as a fun history day and make it.  Maybe she would enjoy that once a week or something.  Handicrafts??  =)

    Something else she might enjoy is the various tribes websites.  Maybe she could write to a few and ask some questions.  She might get some really fun history things that way.  Something else she might enjoy is to look up Native Americans in your state history and visit their historical sites.  We have lots of tribal stuff here, and one of our state parks has a monument of the Trail of Tears where the Cherokee stopped on their journey.  It makes some interesting family times when we tie in trips like that.  State tourism places usually have lists of things that might involve native crafts.  Anyway, she may get some fun responses.

    Maybe you can have her create maps of the tribes and where they lived as the history progresses west.  They were an important factor in the Revolution.  The St. Louis Art Museum had a fabulous display of Lakota clothing made of leather with intricate amazing bead work on it.  There may be places like that you can see.  Google Native Americans in your state and see what you get, and go from there.

    For handicrafts, look at making dream catchers, leather work, beading, grinding grain, drying meat, cooking in a dutch oven, etc.  We went to an event that had Lakotas making dream catchers.  They let us make one.  We used real buffalo sinew so that it would stick to the circle.  It was so interesting.  =)    

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