How to identify evolution in materials

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  • Kelly Bond

    My son was given a magazine subscription to CLICK. It looks good, but the first issue we received is all about dinosaurs. My son will be excited, because he likes dinosaurs, but I’m a bit reluctant because I’m not sure I am good at picking out the evolution language. Can anyone give me any tips? Thanks so much!


    It should be pretty evident when you read anything that took place millions, or billions of years ago. Another thing to watch for is references to the dinosaurs being here before people. You know the order of creation and so that will help when something is just ‘out of order.’ People being grouped in the animal species; people being characterized as unintelligent, those sorts of things are red flags. We just talked about this the other day. We are made in the image of God; we are not animals. Also, if I was fresh from the hand of God, I would be a lot smarter than I am now (we only use about 10% of our brain now; why would we need all that unused brain capacity?). Anyway, I can go on and on. We try to teach Creation in one way or another every year in order to conteract these sorts of things and give the children a solid foundation.




    Wow, thanks Cindy.  I didn’t ask the question, but that sure is helpful to know.  🙂

    Rachel White

    Since he has already been given this subscritption, I would highly recommend investing in a “counter” subscription like, Nature’s Friend; or for your self-education and his as they both have sections for children, a subsc. to Answers magazine from Answers in Gensis or Creation MAgazine would be very helpful.

    He’s going to be bombarded with this stuff in our culture and getting a firm foundation is essential. Master Books is also a wonderful company w/excellent books to invest in for him to read over and over to read about these topics from a Creationist point-of-view.

    I also recommend The Jonathon Park audio Series around age 8 or 9. I’ve learned so much myself as I wasn’t raised this way.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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