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    Hi ladies, I’m trying to get all my ducks in a row for beginning year one with my six-year-old this fall and am trying to remember how often that age group should narrate. Is it after every subject (several narrations per day) or would it be better to pick a few for the week? He is a rather reluctant learner, so I don’t want to push too hard and fast but I do want to ensure that he is retaining what we learn. I’m sure this topic has been discussed before,  but I couldn’t find where


    Just starting out, I only have my kids do one per day. Since he is a little reluctant and still young I often go with a subject or topic they are more excited about and often change it up. So not history every day, but some times nature study (tell me about what you found?), one day science, or our family read aloud book.

    I know many say to start with Aesops Fables but oddly my kids did not care for them at all. They seemed to get confused because the stories often had morals and they did not understand the story. They much preferred simple stories and similar to start. My youngest really likes to narrate his Pathway readers right now (he just finished year 1) and tells everyone what happened.

    My understanding is by starting slowly it starts to become the new normal to narrate and just retell. My kids narrate almost everything to me now, in school and out of school (or it seems that way, haha), because it is such a habit to tell about what they are learning, watching, reading, playing…


    That is helpful,  Sarah. Thank you! There is such a learning curve with this method – I feel like I’m going to forget something!

    Karen Smith

    You may find this article on beginning narration helpful. You may also find more helpful information in the full Narration Q&A series of articles found in our Learning Library.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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