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    For those of you who are teaching your children a foreign Language, how many days per week do you put it on your schedule?


    We’re using Rosetta Stone for German this year.  This is mainly for our 9th grader, but my husband and I are going to use it as well.  I’m also planning on doing some German with our two younger students, but I haven’t decided on what I’m doing with them yet.


    Suggested resource for your younger kids…

    (Pick First Steps Auf Deutsch)   – this is a free program for Elem aged students that is pretty good at least for a start.  (They also have Spanish and French)

    We are doing German everyday with my 6yo, and the 4yo always runs to watch – and the 2yo, who barely speaks English (lol) gets excited and oftn watches too, sometimes repeating the German words…



    Every day works best for us.  It is one of those subjects that if we really want to retain & gain fluency, we need to work daily.  Have tried just doing two or three days a week, have always had to go back to every day.  Which gets hairy when you are doing 3 languages, but it’s best.


    Everyday is best. For Greek this year I am going to try doing 3 days with new lessons + review, and 2 days with just review (via Anki). We will do Spanish and Latin daily.


    Sara B.

    We also do 5 days a week.  Right now I give them a new word every week.  Then we practice it every day, plus review the other words.  We are doing just Spanish.  But I throw some German out there in every day talking, too.  😉

    We are doing German and do it everyday, it is necessary I think for retention and to move along well with the language. The girls will have 3 years of German and they are now pretty advanced.  I help teach it because I am fluent in the language myself, but they also use Tell Me More, program on the computer.  My input is important for the correct pronunciation and to help them with getting that spot on.  My mum was German so that is why I am fluent and I lived there for many, many years.  I would recommend you do daily lessons though.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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