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    I have a couple of children that struggle with handwriting, one daughter in particular who is left-handed and has always struggled with writing, including letter reversals sometimes.  My oldest child did really well; he is artistic so I think the neat writing comes easily to him, and his hands are stronger from drawing so much.  He did copywork for years, then moved to transcription, then dictation at the times suggested by SCM.  

    I’m wondering what to do with the others that don’t seem ready, although their writing has improved greatly this last year.  Do I keep pressing them forward onto transcription/dictation or just keep doing copywork and lengthen the sections?   I just don’t want to not expect enough from them, but it’s hard not to feel like they are behind.

    Hope that made sense, thanks!


    There is no behind in homeschool…..  (I have to tell myself that.)


    How old are the kids that struggle?  

    If they are improving greatly this last year, I think I would just continue what you are doing for a while longer.


    Is it just pencil to paper where they struggle? My dd couldn’t get it at age 7. We took a break and then I went to an angled white board (she’s now 8) and it’s been a major improvement. I want to build her confidence and then slowly try the pencil to paper again. Play around with their papers…taped to the wall (vertical), angled on a closed binder, etc and see if that changes anything for them. Just thinking outside the box here.


    They are 9 and almost 8.  My older daughter can’t stand the feeling of chalkboards/dry erase boards:)  The 8 yr old would love it if I let her write that way instead of paper!  

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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