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    Hi– I am considering using the simply charolotte mason curriculum guide for my four children 12, 10, 7 (twins) I have used many other “literature based curriculums but i have never been able to stick with a schedule-i guess i feel boxed in or something. Anyways, i am wondering how much planning it takes to put together this type of curriculum for four children. I am also looking at My Father’s World, since the prep time would be minimal. Any advice?





    Planning is so personalized, that it’s hard to say for comparison. I am a person that is visual to the point of handicap, and I need all my ducks in a row. Therefore, I tend to spend many days in the summer planning. If I could sit and concentrate fully, I would say it probably would take me about a week for the year’s planning for 6 children. That includes all the research and laying out. Of course, us homeschool moms are always formulating new plans in our heads! I will say that Sonya’s Planning Your CM Education helped me tremendously this year to stay focused and keep on the forward track versus so many bunny trails in my planning endeavor.




    I have to say that I also have to have everything in a row. For me with Soyna’s plan it helped TONS and has been a guide for me. I have 5 children to think about and I would say I spend about 4-5 days this encludes trying to shop online for books.

    It will be very personal to you and how much you have to have layed out before hand. Sorry I wasn’t much help.



    Oh Yes! Out of the 7 years we’ve been homeschooling, “Sonyas Planning Your CM Education” is the best planning tool we’ve ever used! With 3 dc, it only took me a few short days at the beginning of the school year to get everything layed out.

    However, like Cindy, I’m always formulating plans and resources in my head throughout the year. Sometimes I wish my brain would just sit still for awhile. lol 🙂

    For our family, Simply Charlotte Mason website, curriculum layout, free books, and community here, have been a gift from God.

    Blessings to you!



    I am very interested in this topic – Pam I’m so glad you brought it up!

    My question to those of you who plan everything in the beginning of the year: do you plan just what books you are studying, or do you actually plan out which pages of the math book, which exercises in the language book, etc.?

    This is where I get into trouble. I love all of the wonderful booklists available and so I compile my own curriculum at the beginning of the year too. It is also flexible enough to add in or throw out as necessary. But the day to day planning of “this is what we’re doing today” in each area can sometimes get away from me. Part of the problem is that I don’t just have one math text (blush) but I like several things and so it really becomes a personalized education! I use Ray’s mixed with Miquon plus math games here and there. So I have a hard time planning far in advance because I’m not sure at what point we’ll be in the understanding process. Which brings me back to a weekly/daily planning.

    Wow, I am rambling, and probably am not making much sense. I guess I just want to know how you plan for the day-to-day.


    Can I just second this comment….

    “For our family, Simply Charlotte Mason website, curriculum layout, free books, and community here, have been a gift from God.”

    This is so true! The site is a constant in my life even if I do not get to post every day.


    Tanya, I am new at the planning all in advance but I am going to try it out for this year (we start a new year in July). Normally I have all the guides, books and stuff in mind at the beginning and like you I don’t have the day to day planned out as well.

    But what I started to do was have Thursday nights to myself..well an hour maybe..when I would plan out the next weeks activities and lessons. I liked to do it on Thursdays so I can have a good idea of what we have finished for that week and then if there were any supplies needed for the next week I could get them over the weekend. It worked great for the month or so that I was faithful to do it..normally though I am a fly by the seat of my pants from week to week. It’s not the wisest way to do things but I am fine tuning as I go along. This is only my 4th year homeschooling. Ok now I am rambling on. Sorry.




    Thank you so much for your response. Having a regular time to plan every week would probably help me a lot. I guess I just need to be disciplined to do it!


    (and by the way, you weren’t rambling – you explained it very well)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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