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    What do you use? What do you like? What do you NOT like? 


    Amanda πŸ™‚

    sara p.

    We use language lessons, math copywork, copywork books, cursive copywork, learning to spell through copywork, and the nature study guides that correlate with books. I happen to really enjoy all of the materials as well as do my children. My son has a very short attention span so these work well for him. The lessons are short which really helps getting a lesson in with him without the stress of fighting over longer lessons. I plan on purchasing some different items for next fall.


    What are your children’s ages?


    We are using Language Lessons for the Very Young 2 and Language Lessons for the Elementary Child 1.  They are 180 very short lessons each.  They were the first thing I bought this year, but we’ve only really started using them recently.  The lessons are so short we often do two or three at a time.  We do a lot of it orally, and I photo copy the pages I want them to write on so we’ll be able to pass them down or sell them when complete.  My only real compliant is the space/lines left for copy work (generally poetry) is not usually adaquate.  We will usually need extra space, so rather than just photo copy those pages I end up either printing it out myself or typing it with extra space.  There is a lot of similarity between the books –cover a lot of the same material.  Some lessons ask the child to correct mistakes in things like capitalization, punctuation or grammar (in my understanding, allowing child to see such mistakes is not CM).

    I am currently debating whether ot not to use it next year.  We are only about 50 lessons in, so we’ll probably finish them fall term, but not sure what we’ll do after that.  I might go with jr. Anylitical Grammar for my older ds.  Next year is going to prove much more rigerous after the last two terms, but I’m not sure he’s ready for the jump in difficulty, though he is 11 going into grade 6.


    We use Queens Products & LOVE them. Kiss

    We’re using Bible, English, History & Math from Queen’s for my 6, 6, & 9 year old boys.
    The complete break down is here:


    We just got LLLO and Math Lessons for a Living Education for our 5 year old and a very insistant 4 year old. The girls are 13 months apart, but have twinned themselves so whatever one does the other must do it too.  They are both enjoying LLLO and I really like that it has simplified the process for me as I learn how to educate the girls CM style.  We have been using MUS Primer, but saw the Math Lessons for a Living Educaiton and couldn’t resist getting it.  It sounds and looks so good and I thought the girls would really enjoy the story and have better retention because of it.  I won’t be starting it until the fall, but figured why I was ordering I might as well get it now.

    MunroePalms, have you started the math yet?  If so are you enjoying it?


    sara p.


    My kiddos are 8 and 7. I forgot to mention that for the language lessons we also do two or three at a time. However, because they are short lessons it gives us plenty of time to go back and review things that they need reviewed on or to spend more time on before moving on to another lesson. We will  be defiently using them again next year. I will probably get language lessons for my 4 year old next fall too.


    We use Language lessons: I’ve used some of the ones for the littlest one, through elementary, secondary, and this year i put my 8th grade daughter in the first high school book.  i love them.  my adhd son actually likes it too, unless it’s a copywork section.  but i just hit on having him type it  – a more productive use of time for him – it automatically show him when he’s spelling wrong, and his typing skills are improving – which is probably how most of his written communication will happen in the future anyway.  My DD14 has felt there to be a lot of writing work in her HS level book, sometimes it’s a bit much.  There are long dictations which i skip b/c she also uses spelling wisdom.  i am pleased overall with these books.  i love the short lessons, the varied structure, and the format.

    i also use learning copy work through spelling.  it is ok.  i think i like spelling wisdom better.  and i am not sure whether i’d use it again or not.  i have previously used some of their  bible studies for kids.  they are good.  i used Honorable Boy for a 3rd grader last year and one for Jr High kids…i am blanking on the name, but my dd was in 7th grade last year, and she did that one based on a passage from Romans.  i really do like Queen’s products.  however, I do feel they are a little overpriced for what they are…they really look like they were printed on their printers at home-kinda thing….



    My dd (7.5 yrs) just recently asked me if she could learn how to write in cursive.  I came across the Queen’s Pictures in Cursive and decided that it would be the right thing for her.  She is very visual!!!  We are in the Primer and she is looking forward to getting to the part with the pictures.  The first several lessons they are learning formation, but it quickly gets to the pictures.  The art prints are nicely done and the words they are using to practice their cursive relate to things or events in the picture.  My dd already loves it and we haven’t really gotten to the good part yet.

    I am considering Queens for Language Lessons and Copybooks this next year.  


    I have a 16 year old dd using Language Lessons for the 2nd year and loving it.  I also have an 8 year old dd using Language Lessons after drooling over her sister’s books and begging for her own.  In addition, the 8 year old has self taught cursive by using Pictures in Cursive.  


    Last year, we began Math-U-See with ds, but didn’t complete it.  This year, I switched him to Math Lessons for a Living Education.  We completed the first 18 lessons and he wanted to switch back to his MUS from last year, which is going well.  He’ll be 7 years old in April.





    Yes! We LOVE Math Lessons. Our school year goes Jan.-Dec. So, we are just at 2 months into our school year (1st & 4th grade).

    My twins <3 the stories about Charlie and Charlotte. They are doing 2 lessons most days, until I think they NEED to slow down.

    I had started my 9 year old in Life Of Fred: Elementary Series in November.

    He is an avid reader and math has always been More Challenging for him.

    The boys are part of a Missions Class. It touches his heart and he is voluntarily consistently praying for missionaries around the world. So when I saw the story line for the JUST Released ML4LE#3 I KNEW it would speak to his heart & brain at the same time. Plus, it’s at the level he needs.

    We will still take our time to read through LOF-Elementary together because we don’t want to miss what happens to Fred either πŸ˜‰




    I have not read any of the other replies.  I have used quite a few of the Queen’s material over the years (LL, Bible studies, books).  Lately, I have been very discouraged by the amount of typos and wrong information in them (even in the LL).  I have decided to wean us off of them.  For example, we are currently reading From Egpyt to Caanan and using the study guide.  I really like the study guide and for the most part the story is good.  However, even today, I have come accross so many typos that I struggle for meaning in the passage.  That said…

    I have always been pleased with the SCM framework.  Their books strive for excellence and accuracy.  I am looking forward to seeing what else SCM comes out with.  

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