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    Even when my hubby and I were dating, we always said we wanted 2, one boy and one girl. Well, we got it right! We’ve got a 7yo son and a 5 1/2 yo daughter. When dd was about 2, I began feeling like something was missing. I have a strong, almost urgent, desire to adopt and have had for over three years now. My husband does not desire this, so we have left it at that. I still feel I’m missing a child out there somewhere, but I have been able to lay down my dream of adopting at the foot of the Cross. 

    So, no I never thought I’d have more than two, but my desires have changed. I don’t think I’d ever want as many as some of you have. God knows who can handle six or seven kids and who can’t! That’s probably why we stopped at two! ha!


    I have two kids, a boy and a girl. I thought I would have three, but after two, I felt “done.”


    I, like a few other ladies, wanted neither a husband nor children, but the Lord is good isn’t He?  When He brought me my husband, I was relieved he didn’t want children either, that was an easy premarital counseling session!  God changed our hearts and showed us what a blessing they truly are.  We currently have 5 children, 6.5 and under, and I long for more:)  With each baby I don’t feel I can handle another, then the Lord brings me to a place where I feel like I can with his grace.  Interesting and fun responses from all of you, thanks! 



    The Lord has blessed us with 3 – DD 5-1/2, DS 2-1/2 and DD 11m.   We sort of said from the beginning that we would like to have 3…but whether or not we are done, I have no idea. Wink  My last 2 pregnancies were kind of difficult, which makes me want to be done…but I’m only 31 and 2 out of our 3 were ‘surprise packages’ so to speak (in terms of timing at least), so who knows if the Lord has another surprise package for us before I reach menopause.   While there is part of me that is satisfied with my 3, there is another part of me that wouldn’t be all that disappointed if we did have another….



    I never wanted to marry or have children when I was a teen, but that changed when I met my husband at 19 and came to know the Lord. Immediately, I had a desire for a family, but didn’t have a set number in mind. We talked about having 2 – 6, but it took five years before we were blessed with dd10.

    I had some difficulties getting pregnant and really became consumed with the idea of becoming a mother. After some minor infertility treatments, I became pregnant, but miscarried at 10 weeks. I was devastated, but the Lord is so merciful. I realized that He had placed a gift in my hands and I had closed my hands to Him, saying this baby is mine. Though a difficult lesson, I’m so thankful to have learned that children are a blessing that He gives and that I need to hold them in my hands, open to the Lord, always! After this experience, we decided that perhaps the Lord didn’t intend for us to become parents and we devoted ourselves to other things, including mission work. Wouldn’t you know it, 2.5 years later, without any assistance, our dd was born. She was followed by three more blessings – ds7, dd3.5, ds15 months. 

    So, we have four and we’re finished. Four 10 lb.+ babies and four c-sections were all my body could handle! I hope to have dozens of grands someday, though!



    Dh and I have been married for 30 years (in July.)  We have a 20yo son, and two 7yo sons (one adopted from China last year.)  I wish I could have had many more.  I guess in a way I have because we’ve had exchange students from around the world and two (and especially one of those) think of us as family.  Funny how things work out…not at all what you expect but God does everything for His glory and for our good.

    I have 4 kids ranging from 11 to 18months. My husband and I never thought we would have over one or two, but God opened our hearts to the blessing of more…even through all c sections! 🙂

    With each child comes more blessing, it is amazing how my love has grown more and more with each one. God’s grace has brought so much joy to us through children. Hard work? Yip! But sooooo worth it! 🙂

    Blessings to your family!


    We have 3 girls ages 8, 6, and 3 1/2 yrs, but only planned two before we got married. We prayed for awhile about #3 but am so blessed to have her! My dh said no more after 3. If I was younger I would have tried to convince him 4 total! But alas am going on 39 and dh had vasectomy. So we are done but am happy with it. 🙂



    Fun thread!

    Well, i was 19 when i got pregnant with my oldest; i was not a believer at the time.  my boyfriend (now husband) was not a believer either.  we were sophomores in college.  we knew we wanted to marry, so aborting was not an option.  we had our beautiful daughter, i finished my education, and my hubby went to work (he’s finally finishing his degree now), and we were able to marry when our beautiful daughter was 3.5. (my parents wanted me to finish my education before i married dan.  we were living in their house, and they were helping us, so i had to comply.).  After we married, we immediately got pregnant again, and had our son.  then another daughter, two and half years after our son.  i had to ask my hubby for #3.  He wanted 2-3, i wanted 3-4.  3 was the compromise.  dan said he was done after #3.  but then we met the Lord, and became believers.  my heart just ached for more babies.  God changed his heart, and we decided on one more.  two and a half years after baby #3, came baby #4, our 2nd son.  dan was really really done.  he scheduled a vasectomy.  i was having like, panic attacks about it.  i told him i was not ok with it b/c we were only 31.  so he canceled.  but much to our surprise, God has a sense of humor.  we were being soooo careful, but God moved several mountains, and when our #4 was only 6.5 months old, just 3 weeks after the canceled appointment, we conceived #5, quite unbeknownst to us.  it was a really hard pregnancy, as i had severe varicosities in my legs, a nasty umbilical hernia, and separated abdominal muscles.  i was in so much pain!  so, at our midwives’ suggestions, we called it quits.  when baby #5 was 5 weeks old, dan went for the vasectomy.  i still wish we hadn’t done it, because i’d have just kept going…but my body sort of gave out.  it still really pains me sometimes – wondering if maybe we didn’t really pray it through, if we stepped out of God’s will and cut off His plan. our last two boys are only 16 mos apart, and it’s crazy!  but they really are best buddies already!

    so, now to sum up, i have a DD 13yrs, DS 8.75yrs, DD 6.25yrs, DS 3.5yrs, & DS 2.25yrs.

    Love to all!


    blue j

    We have the blessing of 5 children.  I did have a miscarriage between #4 and #5. We are done at this point.  In the beginning, we had thought we would have a few.  That obviously changed. 🙂


    MAMAWEB- Your feelings mirror mine in so many ways! Although I had to stop at 2, my health prevented me from having more and I struggle with the vasectomy decision also.

    My husband and I both talked about children before we were married but never discusses how many. I got married at 18 and got pregnant with my first 10 months later. I had a very difficult pregnancy. I began having high bp, stayed extremely sick, had to be put on bed rest and she was delivered by csection 6 weeks early. She was born healthy but I had bleeding issues and had to remain in the hospital. When she was 4 we found out we were pregnant again. This time I had to be on bed rest at 5 months. This did not help at all. I eventually had toxcemia and my heart started doing all sorts of crazy things. He was delivered by emergency csection 2 months early. He spent a month in NICU with so many problems.

    After meeting with my OB, he suggested no more….he said I would not make it through another. My husband said he did not want to raise our kids alone so he had a vasectomy. We were only 25 and 27! I struggled with the decision because the ache to have another every year or so is so painful. I wish I could have 6 or 7! For some reason that only He knows, God only meant for me to have my 2. I struggle with the fact that God has given some women the ability to carry so many but not me. I am trying to trust Him and know that He knows the reason. It’s just that feeling that you get, ya know? It’s unexplainable!

    So, I have a DD8 and DS4!


    Fun question. I was married at 19.   We started marrage wanting children (no defined number).  We wanted them in our own time and planned to use birth control to space them out according to our plans.  The Lord gradually brought us to turn it over to Him.  In 10.5 years of marriage I have been pregnant 9 times, with 3 ending in miscarraige.  Here’s the lineup:

    Makayla age 9
    Miscarriage #1
    Joseph age 6
    Emma age 5
    Miscarriage #2
    Daniel age 3
    Oliver age 2
    Miscarriage #3
    Caleb age 3 months

    I’m only 29.  Where will the Lord take our family from here?  I have no idea.  He may send more children, he may not.  It’s an adventure and a blessing not matter how many or how few children he blesses a family with!


    We have been blessed with two beautiful boys.  I have always wanted to be married and have children.  My dear hubby only wants the two kids and will not adopt unless God showed him that he should.  So, although I would have liked more children I will praise the Lord for my two and leave it at that.  I am living out my dream anyways. 




    We wanted 5 and have been blessed with 3.  We have one boy and two girls and they are such a blessing! 


    We have SE7EN. Ages 16 mos – 13 yrs, the oldest two are girls, youngest five are boys. And NO! … I never dreamed we’d be so blessed!

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