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    I’ve been working all evening, planning 2nd grade for my (soon to be) eight-year-old son, and I’ve  narrowed the books down to….
    thirty-six books.

    That’s not counting math or early reader books, or the additional nine free-reading books still on my list.


    I know we can’t read everything.  
    I know that, if we miss certain subjects this time around, maybe we’ll catch it next time (we are doing a 4 year history cycle).  
    And I know that there is no perfect booklist.
    And I know that “a complete education” is a myth.  

    What I *don’t* know is, how do I widdle down this huge booklist?!  They ALL look so good!!

    I don’t really have a point to this post.   Just figured, this is someplace I can post where others might understand.  😀


    PS the worst is shrinking the biography list.  UHG!


    I understand, Laura; it’s a common problem among us moms. I sometimes pine for the ‘old days’ when one could go to a homeschool convention and there would be maybe a dozen vendors there (showing my age here!). There are too many choices. Prayer is important. I always start with what is on my shelf. Then I see what the library and/or a friend has. That in itself weeds out lots of books. Then, I can praise God for His provision because He knows better than I what I need to teach my child and how to do it. It also helps me to be a good steward of my husband’s hard earned wages.

    If there are still too many, could you let your little one help select some? You could give him a choice between two for each subject, maybe. It will make him feel invested, as well. I have found through the years that, when I am stressing over books, I’m not being of much worth to anyone around me. I have had to tell myself many times that it is better to do ‘anything’ really well, rather than waste that time worrying over what I’m not doing.




    I know what you mean. My soon-to-be 8yo (and 11yo) is doing Mod. 5 for history and then there is the literature modules/geography/composers/art and so on.  I believe the history mod. has 19 for his age, but…we are on book 10 right now and we started in Feb. sometime. We were going to start in the fall since we’d be converting over to CM all next year, but I figured why wait, right? And, it’s a good thing.  His book list is no problem it’s my 11yo’s that scares me. He has become an avid reader, but some of those books are still above his leve of understandingl. I’ll be reading most and trying to assign what I can and using some as read-alouds:)  We’ll see.

    I do know that it can seem overwhelming and/or so time consuming that you wonder how can we possibly fit it all in, but I figure that we probably won’t anyway so we’ll have to make some hard choices some where.  I also figure that if my kids were in ps that they wouldn’t have been exposed to even half of the books they’re exposed to now, nor would they have had the time to read them.  Whatever we get through this year will be better than what they would’ve read in ps, plus we’re reading through the summer to get a much needed head start:)

    I am learning to pray over the matter as well.  I don’t want to live so stressed out from comparing my kids’ education to others that I make it miserable for them and myself.  Once in awhile I get panicky over the situation and need some prayer time to calm my nerves. And He is always faithful to do so. 

    And, I agree, the people on this site are the best at encouraging others:)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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